Best House in Hogwarts Legacy

Discover the best house in Hogwarts Legacy with our comprehensive guide. Find out which house suits your playstyle and unlock exclusive quests.

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Choosing the best house in Hogwarts Legacy is highly subjective and something of a challenge. Each Hogwarts Legacy House has its own aesthetic, individual students, and an exclusive quest that is unique to them. In addition, once you choose a house, you’ll be stuck in it for the duration of the game. So, think it over as we go through this guide that explains which house is the best (or the worst) in Hogwarts Legacy.

Which Hogwarts Legacy House is the best?

best House in Hogwarts Legacy

The best House in Hogwarts Legacy is definitely Hufflepuff. This house is dedicated to loyalty and hard work, and each of its members is lovable and always eager to lend a helping hand. Hufflepuff also has the exclusive side quest that lets players visit Azkaban which they otherwise can’t in any of the other Houses.

Lore wise, it makes sense for Hufflepuff to be the most interesting as they’re not really touched on much in the books or the movies. A lot of curious players may find themselves looking at the House that has never been explored in depth before. Many may make fun of Hufflepuff for not being as grandiose as the other houses, but that’s only because they’re a humble breed.

The other Hogwarts Legacy Houses aren’t awful and they also do have their own exclusive quests but none that let you visit a unique location from the iconic Harry Potter franchise. Players who pick this House will be able to visit Azkaban and catch a glimpse of the Dementors that haunt the prison. You won’t actually fight against them because you lack the specific charm to do so but it’s awesome to see these freaky enemies again.

Hufflepuff is also the House of Poppy Sweeting, one of the friendliest companions in Hogwarts Legacy. They’ve also got the coolest common room design that’s cozy for students of Hogwarts located right in the kitchen so you never need to go too far to grab a bite to eat. It’s obvious that Hufflepuff is the best choice.

What’s the Worst House in Hogwarts Legacy?

Worst House in Hogwarts Legacy

Ravenclaw has proven to be lackluster in Hogwarts Legacy which makes it worst than the other Houses. For starters, there no unique companions tied to this House without any real explanation. Their House exclusive quest also isn’t as compelling compared to the other three.

While Amit Thakkar is a notable member for being helpful and approachable but the fact that you don’t earn any achievements or trophies from completing his quests and the fact he’s barely in any real adventures make him kind of a side note in the grand scheme of things. It’s hard not to feel disappointed that there aren’t that many memorable faces or events that happen with Ravenclaw. In terms of lore this makes sense as Ravenclaw is often stereotyped to be asocial intellectuals who don’t really share much sense of comradery.

Overall, it seems that Avalanche Software didn’t really focus much into the House of intelligence and creativity. The one saving grace is that Ravenclaw has a common room that is extremely cool to look at and very fitting for its theme. It just doesn’t offer anything as good as the other Houses in Hogwarts Legacy giving you little incentive to join its ranks.

That’s the best House in Hogwarts Legacy in our opinion. We hope you find your House to join in the game. Check out more of our Hogwarts Legacy guides.