Best Pokémon Team For Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

There are a total of 493 Pokémon in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl making a great number of possible Pokémon team combinations. If you only want the best team for you, there’s no real one definitive answer. But we’ve made a guide for assembling the best possible Pokémon team in context of Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl’s story.

Best Pokémon Team

Depending on what starter Pokémon you choose, you’ll eventually build a team that compensates around their weakness. Chances if you’re like everyone, you’re going to take your starter Pokémon with you all the way to the Elite Four. Here’s are the Pokémon you’re going to want on your team as you go through your journey.

Best Team For Infernape

The best Infernape team are mostly consisted of Pokémon that can be caught early in the game, with the exception of Garchomp. Jirachi can only be obtain by those who have a save data from Pokémon Sword and Shield.

Infernape Team







Near the end of the game, Pokémon with fire resistant properties are quite rare. Infernape can one-hit KO most Pokémon he comes across, even to those belonging to Gym Leaders setting up its Power-Up Punch. However, you’re going to need a team to compensate for Infernape as you can’t get overly reliant on only one Pokémon on your team.

There are Pokémon that Infernape will have trouble dealing with. Switching Infernape out for Gyarados to reduce attack damages using Intimidate can help your team survive deadlier attacks.

When dealing with Pokémon Infernape is weak against, such as water and ground type Pokémon, Roserade is the best to use in place of your main Pokémon.

As for Jirachi and Garchomp, they’re there to provide additional backup. They’re Pokémon with pretty high stats and can balance your team regardless of the situation. Of course, you’re going to need a Sword and Shield save filed on your switch to get Jirachi. If you don’t have that, feel free to swap it out with a similarly high-stat Pokémon.

Best Team For Empoleon

Similar to the best Infernape team, the best team for Empoleon can all be assembled in the early parts of the game, except for Garchomp. For those who have saved data on their Switch for Pokémon: Let’s Go! Pikachu or Pokémon Let’s Go! Eevee they can acquire the powerful psychic Mew for themselves.

Empoleon Team







Unlike Infernape, Empoleon lacks the fighting prowess. But it does have defensive advantages to compensate. Emploeon’s exclusive Water and Steel type attributes grant it 10 resistances along with a single immunity. It can bolster its defensive capabilities with moves such as Charm, but unfortunately you may find that Empoleon lacks the speed to defend itself against its crippling weaknesses to Electric, Ground, and Fighting.

Rapidash can fill the role of a fast attacker. Although it does share two of the three weaknesses that Empoleon has, it can cover for Empoleon’s Grass weakness before it gains its Steel type characteristics.

Mew is great for covering Empoleon’s weakness to Fighting-type Pokémon but requires a save file from Pokémon Let’s Go! on your Switch. If you aren’t able to get it, then feel free to substitute Mew for another Pokémon that can cover Empoleon’s Fighting-type weakness.

Best Team For Torterra

The best team for Torterra requires more support for the starter Pokémon as Torterra unfortunately has a variety of weakness that make it unsuitable for Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl’s main story.

Torterra Team







In comparison to Infernape and Empoleon, Torterra is slow and bulky and isn’t suited to being a fast attacker that can consecutively one-hit other Pokémon without taking any damage. Torterra also has several weaknesses that it needs cover for. This Pokémon isn’t suited to fighting Fire, Flying, Ice, and Bug type Pokémon. Torterra does have an advantage in being one of the very few grass-type Pokémon that leans towards physical attacks.

Expect that Torterra will frequently suffer through wear and tear in particularly tough fights. Rapidash is the best suitable back up to substitute as it more than makes up for Torterra’s abundant weaknesses. In fact, Rapidash and Torterra both compliment and cover each other’s weaknesses.

The rest of your Pokémon team would be built towards supporting Empoleon and Rapidash with their high stats. It’ll take some time into the game before you can acquire Lucario and Garchomp so you won’t be able to grind your team early unless you’re willing to substitute the two Pokémon for others with equally high stats.

Which Starter Pokémon To Choose?

Out of all the three starter Pokémon, Chimchar is the best Pokémon that can get you through the story by a good margin. Its final evolution to Infernape makes it a powerful starting Pokémon that gives it a lot of potential to one-hit KO most other Pokémon that come in its way.

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl How to Build Your Team

Building your very own Pokémon team is one of the key aspects of this game. You’re encouraged to build a team that suits you. Most people lean towards an offensive Pokémon team that they can train early on and keep until the end of the game. But regardless, we’d advice you keep a diverse team that’s prepared for any situation.

There are key principles when it comes to building a strong Pokémon team. And that mostly comes from ensuring that they’re all balanced. Even with a powerful Fire-type Pokémon squad, you could potentially get wiped by a single Garchomp. You’re better off ensuring that even your strongest Pokémon has its weaknesses covered by another in your group.

It also isn’t a practical idea to completely go with an all offensive Pokémon team. You’re going to need a bulky Pokémon on your squad to take damage for you while you heal your main attacker for the next few turns.

There are some Pokémon that we really recommend you look for in your team. Garchomp is a great example since it can fill the role of an attacker and a support defense Pokémon depending on how you train it.

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