Best Witchdoctor RIG & Modules: Exoprimal Build Guide

Keep your team alive by picking the right RIG and modules to make the best Exoprimal Witchdoctor build.

The best Exoprimal Witchdoctor build means picking the right RIG and modules to make it a better support. This Exosuit doesn’t really have much potential for offensive play, which is why players who main him will be encouraged to purely support their team. Maximize the Witchdoctor’s potential to keep his team alive by choosing to equip the best RIG and modules.

Exoprimal Best Witchdoctor Build

Here are the best build options for Witchdoctor:


  • Catapult: Perform a quick boost in jump in the direction you are moving.


  • Slot 1: W01 – Spread Shock
  • Slot 2: W – Adrenaline Feed
  • Slot 3: W – Safety Leap

Making the best Witchdoctor build in Exoprimal is all about choosing the right RIG and modules that compliment the almost pure Support style of this Exosuit. Witchdoctor doesn’t really thrive in beating enemies on its own, instead you’ll be buffing your teammates and healing them to constantly keep them alive and kicking. Despite the Witch Doctor’s lack of potential for combat, he’s still one of the best Exosuits from our tier list because of how good he is as support.

You have plenty of picks for which RIG and modules you want to equip for Witchdoctor, but only a few benefit his support style of play. We picked the ones that best help Witchdoctor become a valuable asset and always keep his team performing at top shape. Because keeping your teammates alive saves time, you’re better able to complete objectives faster than the enemy team.

Witchdoctor build best RIG and Modules

Witchdoctor is one of the best Support picks due his dedication in the role. Because of his lack of offense, you may find him lacking in PVP but he more than makes up for it by being a pivotal player in any team composition. With the right RIG and modules picked, the best Exoprimal Witch Doctor build will keep your team alive even in the toughest of battles.

Witch Doctor Best RIG

You’re limited to one RIG which is the tool you use that essentially gives you an extra ability. The best pick for Witchdoctor would be the Catapult RIG which launches you the direction you’re moving. This allows you to get to teammates who need help fast or launch yourself to safety when your dodge is under cooldown.

There aren’t that many RIGs that would be benefit Witchdoctor and using the Aid RIG feels unnecessary with his other healing abilities already there. If you’re looking to give the Witch Doctor more offensive potential, then we suggest the Cannon RIG to help dispose of hordes sticking too close together.

Witch Doctor Best Modules

Like the other Exosuits, Witchdoctor is limited to three slots. Each slot contains two unique Modules for Witch Doctor to equip but he can only equip one of them. There are also general modules that can be used by any Exosuit.

For his first slot, Sprawling Shock offers more compared to Shock Therapy. Increasing the range of your Neuro Rod provides more benefits especially against the horde which can quickly pile up. You can unlock Sprawling Shock once Witchdoctor is Exosuit level 4.

For his second slot, Adrenaline Feed is a no brainer over Repair Boost. Your regular repair already gives your team a decent health chunk but with Adrenaline Feed you can also give them an attack boost in addition to the speed buff they already get from your heals. It can be unlocked once Witchdoctor reaches Exosuit level 8.

For his third slot, pick Safety Leap which recharges of Repair Field upon using. You’ll be using Repair Field a lot to heal your allies so it’s great to have a module dedicated to recharging its use. This can be unlocked once Witchdoctor is Exosuit level 12.

Exoprimal Best Witchdoctor build

You can customize Witchdoctor’s RIG and Exosuits via the Main Menu. Go to the Hangar tab and select Witchdoctor. Shift tabs until you get to RIG & Modules where you’ll be able to select the ones to make the best Witchdoctor build in Exoprimal.

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