BLUE BOX Game Studios Releases New Teaser Image Making Fans Go Wild

Some fans have been kept waiting for this.

Game company BLUE BOX Game Studios, the makers of upcoming video game Abandoned, has recently released a new teaser image that has spurred a new theory from crazy fans.

The image that the game studio released was a blurred image of a man with an eyepatch on his left side (right side on ours). It then has the title Abandoned and the phrases “Realtime Experience” and “Only for PS5”. While the silhouette is there, people who do not have a background of the game that the fans are raving about will pass this as just someone else.

Now, some conspiracy theorists before believed that this game studio was a cover and behind it is actually Kojima Productions with Hideo Kojima at the helm. Fans have theorized that the game they were making was actually a new Silent Hill title since Kojima, while under Konami, was developing one. That one went under and Kojima left the publisher and made Death Stranding. The theory flopped since a man named Chris Scullion appeared on camera and debunked the theories.

This new teaser image that BLUE BOX Game Studios released, however, tells another story and now fans of another game are hyped for this. They think that the blurred image is none other than… Solid Snake. Others think it is Big Boss, but the eyepatch is on the right eye so there is that. They think the upcoming reveal will be a big announcement of a new Metal Gear Solid game.

For now, this is all still speculation and no solid evidence to totally confirm it but the image does gives everyone a big hint.

So, what do you guys think? Is it really a new Metal Gear Solid game? Is BLUE BOX Game Studios just a front for the ones really behind it, Kojima Productions? Or is it all just nonsense and the fans are just too hyped?