New Captains of Adventure Achievements Sea of Thieves

A look at all the new achievements in Sea of Thieves.

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The latest seventh season of Sea of Thieves just came out with tons of new content, plus a new set of Captains of Adventure Achievements for every seafaring pirate to obtain. These achievements will require players to do activities such as simply being aboard a Captained ship, to owning a fleet of ships. We’re going to take a look at all of these achievements and how to obtain them in this guide.

Captains of Adventure Achievements

There are 13 new achievements to get under the Captains of Adventure set for both the Steam version and Xbox version of the game, and Xbox players will be able to earn a total of 300 gamerscore by completing this set.

Join a crew and be on board a Captained ship

O Captain!

  • Set sail on a Captained ship as one of the crew.
  • 10 Gamerscore
You can easily restock your ship’s supplies at outposts

The Quartermaster

  • Stock your ship with each type of supply using the Ship’s Manifest.
  • 10 Gamerscore
You can steal other captain’s logs and sell them

A Crewed Wisdom

  • Read another crew’s Captain’s Log.
  • 15 Gamerscore
Decorate your ship with trinkets

The Art Collector

  • Place 15 trinkets aboard a Captained ship at once.
  • 15 Gamerscore

Ready for Next Time

  • Save a fully-decorated, Captained ship in the Ship Decoration Chest.
  • 10 Gamerscore
Sell your loot to the Sovereign

A Touch of Class

  • Hand in 200 treasure items to the Sovereigns.
  • 20 Gamerscore

Chasing the Horizon

  • Spend 10 days at sea aboard a Captained ship, either as the Captain or one of the crew.
  • 20 Gamerscore

A Veteran Voyager

  • Complete 30 Captain’s Voyages aboard a Captained ship.
  • 20 Gamerscore
Go on new voyages as the captain of your own ship

That’s ‘Captain’, Mate…

  • Set sail as a Captain of Adventure for the first time.
  • 25 Gamerscore
  • Requires a Captained ship purchase to become a captain.

Spared No Expense

  • Purchase a cherished trinket.
  • 30 Gamerscore
Pirate Milestones are tied to your own pirate

A Professional Pirate

  • Unlock a Legendary Title by progressing your Pirate Milestones.
  • 35 Gamerscore

A Seasoned Ship

  • Unlock a Legendary Ship Title by progressing your Ship Milestones.
  • 35 Gamerscore
  • This achievement can be obtained by any ship size and alignment.
Choose to purchase a sloop, a brigantine, or a galleon

A Fleeting Fancy

  • Own 15 ships.
  • 50 Gamerscore
  • There is a trick that players can do right now to quickly complete this achievement without having to get a Legendary status on every ship owned. This may or may not be patched soon.
    • Purchase a ship such as a sloop and then make sure to check in the milestones tab that it has been logged in the achievements by logging into the game’s server. Then, dismantle the ship, log out, log back in, and re-purchase the ship. Always check your milestones tab to see if it the re-purchase is counted. This should count towards both the A Fleeting Fancy and A Professional Pirate achievements.

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