What Are Captain Voyages in Sea of Thieves?

Learn how to get Captain Voyages for your crew in Sea of Thieves.

What Are Captain Voyages in Sea of Thieves featured

Pirates new to the Captaincy update will be curious about the addition of Captain Voyages in Sea of Thieves. Unlike regular quests, these can’t be found on the Quests Menu and function differently depending on the type. Learn everything about Captain Voyages in Sea of Thieves.

What Are Captain Voyages in Sea of Thieves?

Captain Voyages are essentially quests from specific Companies in Sea of Thieves that task you and your crew to do something. Captains can buy individual Voyages which gives his crew a task to complete which give different rewards. Alternatively, Captains can buy Commissions which are several tasks all at once which hand out higher rewards.

You have to be at least Level 25 in Reputation with a Company before they’ll let you buy Captain Voyages. Once you raise your Reputation with them to Level 50, you can then take on “Prized” versions of these Voyages which are harder but offer better rewards. You can buy Captain Voyages in bundles of five. It’s possible to buy multiple types of the same Voyage, however you’re capped at 50 Voyages in total.

There are different Captain Voyage types depending on the Company you purchase a Voyage from. Here are the Captain Voyages you can buy from different Companies:

Gold Hoarders

  • Riddle
  • Treasure Hunt

Merchant Alliance

  • Cargo Run
  • Shipping Contract

Order of Souls

  • Skeleton Bounty


  • Captain’s Stash: Recover a buried trove of useful supplies in this unique Captain’s Voyage.
  • Ashen Mercenary Order: Brave The Devil’s Roar on behalf of several Companies in this Grand, fiery Captain’s Voyage.

Mercenary Captain Voyages are combined quests from the three Companies above.

Athena’s Fortune

  • Commission of the Ancient Veil: Similar to Legend of the Veil Voyage type.
  • Commission of Legendary Fortune: Combined quests from all the three Companies available.
  • Commission of Ashen Fortune: Combined quests from all the three Companies available but takes place in The Devil’s Roar.

Athena’s Fortune Captain Voyages require that you are already a Pirate Legend status. These are the most challenging Captain Voyages available in the game, and thus have the highest requirements.

Where to Find Captain Voyages in Sea of Thieves?

You can find Captain Voyages in Sea of Thieves by going to your bookshelf in the Captain’s Quarters of your ship. It’s near the Captain’s Table and interacting with the bookshelf will show you all the Captain Voyages you currently have available.

You’re able to activate these Voyages to propose it to your crew to tackle. You’re able to select any of the Captain Voyages from your Storage for a vote to see if your crew members are up for the challenge.

That’s all you need to know about Captain Voyages in Sea of Thieves. Now you and your crew can set out on a quest to complete various tasks for Companies. In the new Captaincy update, you’ll find this a rewarding experience so there’s no reason not to take them on. Stay with us for more on Sea of Thieves!

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