Chucklefish’s Spellbound Has Interesting Details About Relationships and Story

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Spellbound is an RPG taking place in a magical school. Though until recently, many details regarding about the game was kept in the dark. Finn Brice, founder of Chucklefish the game’s publisher, decided it was finally time to let us in on some details on what kind of game we can expect from Spellbound.

Brice spoke with Red Bull Games regarding the upcoming RPG. He emphasized on the importance of building relationships in the game. While the players not only need to work on mastering spells and generally becoming more powerful, they will also have the chance to meet other characters and even go on dates with them…with the potential to get dumped.

“The game revolves around your path through school, the relationships you build, and your mastery of the several schools of magic at your disposal,” was what Brice mentioned during the interview.

With this in mind, it does somewhat feel like Harry Potter with dating sim mechanics. Brice even admits that his team was inspired by J.K. Rowling’s creation.

“We’re fans of Harry Potter,” said Brice. “…and after reading the series, we were left longing to experience our own path through magical school life, where we could make our own best friends and develop our own identity in a magical world.”

However, Harry Potter isn’t the only inspiration for Spellbound. Other works such as Terry Pratchett’s Tiffany Aching series, Garth Nix’s Old Kingdom Series, and Studio Ghibli animations have contributed to the idea for the creation of Spellbound. Brice even states out that it also has some inspiration from the cartoon show Steven Universe.

Going back to relationships again, Brice mentions that he wanted the whole prospect of dating to be surprising. He wanted players to feel surprised when they get dumped as his team wanted to make a world where characters have motivations and desires.

However, relationships aren’t the only thing surprising when it comes to Spellbound that causes some shocks. Brice mentions during his interview that Spellbound is full of little surprises, twists and turns to keep the player involved. Combat will also be a very significant part of the game as Spellbound isn’t too focused on relationships and its combat has taken inspiration from Zelda-like retro RPGs.

With all this in mind, Spellbound does seem like a very interesting game to get into. As of now, there is no release date for Spellbound, as the game is still heavily in development. But Chucklefish will be sharing more and more details in the future.

Spellbound is set for release for PC, however there may be a console release with the Nintendo Switch included.

Source: Redbull