Colony Life Sim, Clanfolk, to Release onto Steam Early Access Mid-July

To be published by Hooded Horse

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Publisher Hooded Horse has announced today that they will be publishing MinMax Games developed colony life sim game, Clanfolk The game is set in the Scottish highlands during Medieval times, and it allows players to grow their own town and survive in the wilderness while managing a multi-generational family through the ages.

Clanfolk Release Date

Clanfolk will be released on July 14th, 2022, and can be wishlisted on PC (via Steam) right now. Before the release of the game, enjoy this release date trailer from Hooded Horse.

About Clanfolk

Clanfolk features an intricate simulation system that tracks every character in the world from birth to death, creating natural connections between family members, neighboring clans, and outsiders. As players guide their clanfolk to clear the land and fight the elements to build their homestead, a complex hierarchy of needs governs how the people live their life as the world itself changes based on season and events ranging from snowfall to devastating fires.

Family management is at the core of Clanfolk, as the denizens can build, hunt, fish, gather, and craft as well as raise livestock, meet neighbors, hire workers, trade, and run businesses such as inns or farms. As the people grow and develop, they can create relationships with one another, marry, and have children before dying, passing on their legacy to the new members of the clan.

Key Features

Build Your Homestead

Choose where to begin your homestead, in a wilderness surrounded by mountains, forests, grasslands, and lakes. Over time you may develop it into an industrial farm, a livestock ranch, a bustling trading post, a quiet forest inn, or maybe a hidden mountain fortress.

Live A Whole Life

From birth until death, your clan will live their whole lives over multiple generations. They’ll follow daily schedules, wake before sunrise, take their morning meals, wash, change and have conversations before the day begins. Throughout the day, they will work as hard as their mood and health will allow and in the evening, they finally come back together to eat, drink and sleep before they do it all over again.

Neighboring Clans

Visitors will occasionally arrive from neighboring clans surrounding your homestead. Over time your reputation with these clans can grow based on how they are treated as guests, workers, or traders. As your reputation with them increases, contact will strengthen, providing better opportunities.

Seasons Change

Winter in Clanfolk is always approaching and your time needs to be spent wisely. Each Season has ranges in temperature, rain, snow, wind, and even wind chill. Some seasons are for growing and others for harvesting. Winter is for staying inside a warm and cozy room to process the materials collected throughout the year.

Clanfolk will release on July 14th, 2022 on PC (via Steam).

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