Dave the Diver: Branch Managers – Best Staff and Stats

Learn how to pick the best branch managers for your sushi restaurant in Dave the Diver using this guide.

Dave the Diver branch manager cover

Looking for the best Dave the Diver branch managers isn’t an easy pick with a roster of potential staff who might be good for the job. After you’ve completed the “Bancho’s Ordeal? Pasta Contest” quest, you’re given the opportunity to open a branch that will act as a second sushi bar. You need to pick the right staff for the important job of branch manager in order to keep things running smoothly.

Read on as we show you who the best branch managers are in Dave the Diver.

Best Stats for Branch Managers in Dave the Diver

The best stats to look out for when picking a branch manager is by looking at their Cooking and Serving skills. The higher the stat number of those two respective skills, the better branch manager they’ll make.

  • Serving: An important stat to consider as branch managers will often go out to serve paying customers. The higher their Serving stat is, the faster they’ll be when serving customers.
  • Cooking: You should look for Cooking stats at least above 500 when picking a Staff member for branch manager. The Cooking stat will determine the branch’s rank which is tied to the ingredient rank sent to that branch. Your branch would need to be at least rank 9 in order to get access to every ingredient.

The Cooking stat is the bigger one to consider, as this directly affects the branch’s rank. Although your branch will fare better with a branch manager who has above average serving skills.

Best Branch Managers in Dave the Diver

Here are the best branch managers you can pick from your staff:

  • Raul: At Level 20, Raul will have all of his stats above 500 which is enough to get your branch at Rank 9.
  • Pai: Would be a good branch manager if you don’t have Raul or Drae since his Cooking is above 500 at Level 20 but his Serving stat only reaches 490 at max.
  • Drae: One of the best picks for branch manager with Cooking and Serving stats above 800 by the time he reaches Level 20.

Some staff you recruit have high stats in either Cooking and Serving, but only Raul and Drae ever really cross above 500 for both at the same time. This makes them the best pick for branch managers in Dave the Diver. Pai should serve as a last resort if you couldn’t recruit either of those two.

Dave the Diver branch managers

The better the branch manager you pick, the better your branch will be in Dave the Diver. Because most of the staff members either have high Cooking or Serving your options for the best branch manager are pretty limited. It’s better to use other staff for either serving or cooking for you than making them branch managers.