Day Recap: Cebu Cosplay Awards Night, The Premier

This is a joint article made by two writers…

November 18, 2017 was an exciting day for cosplayers here in Cebu.

Parkmall, in partnership with Gunslinger Dirge Production and the Cebu Cosplayers Guild, have hosted a cosplay contest as a premier for the upcoming Cebu Cosplay Awards Night this December 3.

The premier started around 2 o’ clock in the afternoon for everybody. The event was held on the second floor of Park Mall, Cebu right in front of ALA Gym. While the event wasn’t as big as one might think, it still showcased some interesting cosplay for everyone to see. It was still fun though and provided for a great time for everybody to just have fun.

The event was mainly handled by Gary Montejo, who spend the majority of his time making sure that everything ran smoothly both in the background and the front. We have him and several of the other organizers for the event being held.

(Gary himself on stage…)

There were a few nice little distractions before heading on to the main event.

On the right side of the stage was a mini TV screen highlighting all episodes for Safe Heaven, a show made by Gunslinger Dirge and his crew. There were quite a few interested in what it had to offer as it kept playing throughout the premier. One of the judges for the cosplay competition was even from the show itself.

(Judges for the cosplay contest…)

After a song from one of the audience and Gary introducing the organizers to the crowd, the cosplay contest finally started.

This part written by Jett Vincent Sia…

There was a nice little cosplay competition that was happening in Park Mall today and the cosplay that was delivered was pretty good. Though the contestants were only few in number, their cosplay and characterization was pretty unique and they definitely got the attention of the crowd that was attending including those who were just passing by. When all was said and done, there had to be only 3 winners and they deserve the win so let’s check out the top 3 winners shall we?

1st up, in 3rd place we have Maria Maejoy as Haruna from the browser game and the anime, Kantai Collection. An interesting thing to take note would have to be that she was the only female in the competition but that didn’t get to her and she was able to show how Haruna is one of Kantai Collection’s best ship girls. That’s why she was a winner today.

In 2nd place we have Genero Soco III who went as Petelgeuse Romanee-Conti from Re:Zero. This guy was just creeeeepy which is a good thing because that’s what his character is really all about. He gets under your skin just by his poses alone and even worse when he smiles. He really delivered on the creep factor today and that’s why he was nearly the champ.

We even managed to get an interview with him!

And lastly we have our grand champion, Jerwin Dingcong as Captain Spiderman! He isn’t just a regular Spider Man, he is a Spider Man who has Captain America’s style, minus the shield unfortunately but it’s understandable since Spider Man can barely afford rent let alone a shield made out of adamantium. Captain Spidey really strut his stuff on stage with his moves and was an instant crowd favorite especially to the kids, he even gave each of them a high-five. So style, sassiness, and uniqueness were enough for Captain Spidey to take home the crown.

So there’s the 3 best cosplayers of the competition. They may not have been flashy but they definitely knew how to become the characters they were portraying.

The prizes for the winners of the cosplay competition was tickets for the main event, the Cebu Cosplay Awards Night, which normally costs for P550 per head until December 3 where it will be back to P900.

The Premier’s real purpose was to show case and reach out to people about the Cebu Cosplay Award Night happening this December. And so far, they’ve gotten the message across with over 50% of their tickets being sold for the event.

“A night of camaraderie and recognition.
Awarding the best of Cebu cosplay community.
And a night of music, food and dance.”

For those interested, they can check out this article for more information regarding the Cebu Cosplay Award Night.

The premier for the Cebu Cosplay Award Night might not have been as big as the main event that will happen later, it was still a fun appetizer for the Award Night coming this December 9, 2017.