Dead Space Remake Chapter 1: New Arrivals Walkthrough

A step-by-step guide for completing Chapter 1 of Dead Space Remake.

Dead Space Remake Chapter 1 New Arrivals featured

New Arrivals it the first chapter of Dead Space Remake. The protagonist, Isaac, and the rest of the USG Kellion crew find out just how hellish the Ishimura has become as they respond to a distress signal.

Read on as we go through the events of Dead Space Remake Chapter 1: New Arrivals while we share more details about the story and characters, as well as help on how to save Necromorph encounters.

Dead Space Remake Chapter 1: New Arrivals Walkthrough

Chapter 1: New Arrivals Walkthrough

The Dead Space Remake begins with Isaac watching a recording of his girlfriend, Nicole, talking about her job in the Ishimura. Kendra greets him from behind before Isaac opens up about their long term relationship. It doesn’t take long until they finally reach USG Ishimura floating above Aegis VII.

The USG Kellion crew attempt to try to contact the Ishimura ship but get no response in return. Isaac tells the crew that it’s probably the communication on Ishimura that needs repairs and it’ll take two days for him and Kendra to fix it. As Kendra teases Isaac, Hammond tells the pilots to bring them inside the ship.

However as they prepare to board the Ishimura, there is a malfunction on the Kellion that draws them in. Isaac tells the USG Kellion pilot, Chen, to use the stabilizers to bring them in safely. While it works, the Kellion ship is damaged and the crew wind up stranded inside the Ishimura.

Follow the Security Team - Chapter 1: New Arrivals

Follow the Security Team

As the crew exit the USG Kellion, they begin to wonder why the place is so deserted. They get no response from anyone in the Ishimura and begin to wander inside. Kendra registers Isaac on the Ishimura security check-in so that he can open doors.

When the Kellion crew arrive in the flight lounge area, the elevator is down and they’re unable to proceed. Hammond tells Isaac to go check the security console. However when Isaac does, the lights suddenly turn off and there are rumblings in the vents.

Get to Safety - Chapter 1: New Arrivals

Get to Safety

It doesn’t take long until the Necromorphs attack and most of the USG Kellion are killed except for Captain Hammond, Kendra, and Isaac. Isaac is separated from the rest of the crew and has to run to another area while being chased by Necromorphs. It’s here that you’ll learn how to sprint as you get to the elevator at the end of the hallway.

The Necromorph chasing Isaac will break through the elevator doors, however they’re promptly close again which tears it in half. This leaves Isaac safe but a hair away from death.

Get the Plasma Cutter - Chapter 1: New Arrivals

When the elevator stops its descension, Isaac arrives at some workshop. You’ll have to grab the Plasma Cutter from the table on the left which will serve as your first weapon in the game. There is ammunition for it in the storage boxes you can open to the right and breakable boxes in the room that you can stomp on.

Isaac will hear screaming on the other side of the locked door. Aim the Plasma Cutter at the wires beside it and rotate projectiles it so that it will cut the wires horizontally or smash it using your melee if you want to save up on ammo. This will open the door in time for the man to get jumped by a Necromorph. After the Necromorph is done with him, this will be your first fight with a Necromorph.

Plasma Cutter - Chapter 1: New Arrivals

The Plasma Cutter is a weak weapon but it’s more than enough to do the job. Aim for the legs to cripple the Necromorph and prevent it from moving around too much. Then aim for the sharp appendages on its back to cut them until it bleeds to death.

Get the Tram Running

From there, make your way through the hallways until you reach the tram where Kenda and Hammond will contact you. Kendra will then direct you to find a way to power the tram terminal back online. Once the call is over, you can save your progress using a Save Station in the room and get some supplies before continuing.

Get the Tram Running - Chapter 1: New Arrivals

The objective will lead you to the Tram Repair Room which is where you’ll find the Stasis Module as you descend. Isaac can slow down the door that’s quickly opening and closing so he can pass through. This will lead him to a hallway where the lights will suddenly go out for a moment before turning back on.

You can head into the bathroom to gather some supplies before going straight to the Tram Repair Room. After you’re done, you can go ahead to the Tram Repair Room. Once inside the Tram Repair Room, you’ll have to call in a new tram in the middle of the room and use the claws on both sides to hold it. Be careful as Necromorphs will burst out of the air vents to the side during the process.

Tram Replaced - Chapter 1: New Arrivals

The left claw will automatically attach to the replacement tram without any problems. However the claw to the right will require the use of Stasis and then activate the tram repair terminal in the center before it wears off to start the replacement tram. There is a Stasis Recharge Station behind the tram repair controls in case you need to recharge. Necromorphs might attack Isaac during this process.

Find the Data Board

On your way to the Maintenance Bay, you’ll get a choice to either divert power to the Maintenance Room or a supply room. Pick the supply room first so you can scrounge up on supplies and pick up a Node that can be used for upgrades. Afterwards, go back to the circuit breaker and put power back into the Maintenance Bay.

The Data Board can be found in the Maintenance Bay which is filled with Necromorphs. As soon as Isaac enters, he’ll be attacked. The Maintenance Bay Office where the Data Board can be found is locked and you’ll have to take the cargo lift above to divert power from the lights to the room itself.

Find the Data Board - Chapter 1: New Arrivals

This will render the Maintenance Bay dark so you’ll have to thread carefully as you’ll be attacked by Necromorphs on low visibility. Listen closely so that you’ll know when you’re in danger. You’ll get the Data Board on the desk inside the Maintenance Bay Office that’s now open, but feel free to stock up on items first. There is an Upgrade Bench in the Maintenance Bay Office that you can use before you leave.

Install the Data Board

After picking up the Data Board, you’ll get a call from Hammond telling you not to hang around for too long. Make your way back to the Tram Control Room and install it to the Tram Network Main Circuit.

You can go ahead and turn the lights back on by using the cargo lift so you can see where you’re going.

Call the Tram

Once the tram has been repaired and the Data Board has been installed, go back to the Tram Control Room and call in the tram. Hammond and Kendra will go inside before calling Isaac to tell him that he needs to help repair the USG Kellion.

Return to the Kellion

Head back up the way you came before entering the Tram Control Room. Use the cargo lift to get you back into the Flight Lounge where the USG Kellion team was attacked. This time the Supply Room is unlocked and you can head inside to collect a Node for upgrades before you go on your way. Be ready for a Necromorph ambush on your way.

Return to the Kellion - Chapter 1: New Arrivals

Once you make your way back to the USG Kellion, a cutscene will trigger. Isaac will talk to Hailey about what’s happening in the Ishimura.

Run Diagnostics

Go to the Damage Report screen beside Hailey and interact with it. Before Isaac can get a damage report, a screen flashed in front of the USG Kellion showing the singularity core being attacked by Necromorphs shortly before it explodes throwing Isaac out of the windows.

You will then have to fight a few Necromorphs on the Flight Deck trying to get to Isaac. After dispatching them, he’ll get a call from Hammond who tells Isaac to find the captain in the Medical Bay.

Get to the Medical Deck

Make your way through the Flight Lounge again and go to the left. Be careful of a Necromorph ambush on the hallway leading to the bathroom. You could go in there for extra supplies before heading on your way.

Get to the Medical Deck Store - Chapter 1: New Arrivals

As you enter the Flight Deck Tram Station, there is a Store that you’ll encounter for the first time. You can upgrade your Suit for $10,000 credits before continuing to the Medical Deck. If you lack the funds, then you can sell items from your inventory. You can also use the Upgrade Bench in the next room over.

When you’re finished, descend down the cargo lift and continue until you reach the Medical Deck. The moment you step foot in the Medical Bay, you’re finished with Chapter 1: New Arrivals.

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