Dead Space Remake: How to defeat Captain Mathius

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In Chapter 2: Intensive Care, Isaac has to retrieve the RIG of Captain Mathius in order to find a way off the Ishimura. Unfortunately as he is about to get the RIG from the dead captain’s corpse, an Infector Necromorph swoops in and injects him rapidly turning him into a stronger variant of the Slasher. Here’s a guide to teach you how to defeat Captain Mathius.

How to defeat Captain Mathius in Dead Space Remake?

The moment Captain Mathius turns into a Necromorph, immediately use Stasis to slow him down. Use your Plasma Cutter to tear off his legs first which will slow him down. And then target the arms as he crawls until he bleeds to death.

Even though Captain Mathius is a stronger variant of the Slasher, he functionally behaves the same way. It’ll just take some more ammo to put him down. Focus on tearing his limbs, starting with his feet, and he’ll go down like another Necromorph.

How to defeat Captain Mathius in Dead Space Remake?

Defeating Mathius isn’t going to get you out of the woods. The moment you put him down, other Necromorphs will pop up from the dead bodies inside the morgue. You’ll have to dispatch of all of them before you can pick up the Captain’s RIG and be on your way.

The best place to do this is by staying in the room where you killed Captain Matthius. Shoot the Necromorphs coming in from the outside and use your Stasis if they ever make it through the door. If you become overwhelmed, then circle around them and run out of the room.

Morgue Necromorphs

The morgue does have a few items that will help you survive. There’s a Stasis Pack just outside of the door where you encounter Matthius. Pick it up and take advantage of whatever you can find.

After dispatching of all the Necromorphs in the room, you’re clear to take the Captain’s RIG and continue on.

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