Dead Space Remake New Game Plus Added, Confirms Secret Ending

Also unlocks new advanced suit, and new Necromorphs.

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In EA’s latest announcement, Dead Space Remake New Game Plus mode with various perks has been confirmed.

Dead Space Remake New Game Plus Mode Confirmed

The official Twitter account of Dead Space was the one to confirm that the game has a New Game Plus mode at launch. After playing the game for the first time, this mode will be unlocked and offers various perks for players to take advantage of. These perks are a Level 6 Advanced Suit, new Phantom Variant Necromorphs, and a secret ending, which was previously confirmed by a reveal of the game’s Trophy List.

Dead Space Remake New Game Plus Perks

The Level 6 Advanced Suit is a more advanced suit that Isaac Clarke wears in the game and will be available from the beginning with New Game Plus. New Phantom Variant Necromorphs will be enemies that will be more challenging to fight against in the game and might need new techniques to use to put them down completely.

Secret Ending Speculations

For the secret ending, EA has been quiet about its description, but it could possibly be a new ending that might become canon to the game franchise, a bad ending of the game that could happen if a few variables will not be triggered, or a joke ending just like from Silent Hill 2 in the original game where it unlocks the UFO ending.

dead space remake new game plus

Dead Space Remake launches on January 27, 2023 on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

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