Dead Space Remake Weapons List, Locations, Upgrades, and Best Weapons to Use

You’ll need everything in the Dead Space Remake weapons list to survive the nightmares that happen in the Ishimura. There are quite a few that Isaac can find on the ship that give him an edge against close encounters with death. Here a guide that shows you the weapons list, their locations, how to upgrade them, and which are the best weapons to use.

Dead Space Remake Weapons List

These are all the weapons and where you can find them you can find in the Dead Space Remake:

  • Plasma Cutter: Found in Chapter 1 after descending the elevator shortly after the USG Kellion crew get attacked in the Flight Lounge. Isaac will assemble it from the workbench which is the game’s first weapon. The Plasma Cutter can rotate its projectiles to give better precision when cutting body parts.
  • Pulse Rifle: Found in Chapter 2 shortly after reaching the Medical Deck. Isaac sees an injured woman mumbling to herself before finally dying. The Pulse Rifle can then be picked up from the floor. This rapid fire weapon can fire proximity mines to deal quite a bit of damage.
  • Flamethrower: Found in Chapter 3 when entering the hallway to the Engine Room. It’s on the dead body embedded on the wall. The Flamethrower can’t be used in areas without oxygen but is great for closed ranged encounters in burning Necromorphs. Its alternate fire can throw a projectile that spreads flames over a wide area.
  • Ripper: Found in Chapter 3 inside the Machine Shop in Engineering. As Isaac enters the room he’ll notice a headless corpse, underneath this is the Ripper. This saw weapon can hack enemies up close with its primary fire but can also fire those saw blades at enemies which ricochet and hit even more Necromorphs.
  • Contact Beam: Found in Chapter 4 inside the Records Office when going through the Zero-G hallway. The Contact Beam is a weapon that fires a concentration of laser at enemies but consumes a lot of ammunition to use. This weapon can charge up a powerful shot that can take down even the toughest enemies.
  • Line Gun: Found in Chapter 5 inside the Emergency Equipment Storage in Medical. The Line Gun is a better version of the Plasma Cutter with a wider line which makes it great for cutting limbs. Its alternate fire can set laser trip mines that damage enemies who pass by and can be picked up to refund ammo.
  • Force Gun: The Force Gun is a weapon that blows enemies who get too close. Its alternate fire can throw a small field that draws enemies together.
  • Hand Cannon: Can only be achieved by finishing the game on Impossible Mode. A joke weapon a red sports glove that instantly kills enemies while Isaac makes weird noises.

The Dead Space Remake has a total of eight weapons that can be found on the Ishimura. Many of them are easy enough to spot on your way, however some are easily missable so you need to keep an eye out.

Each weapon has an alternative fire mode that you can use. The Plasma Cutter, for example, can rotate its projectiles to accurately target limbs which are crucial when fighting the Necromorphs. The Plasma Rifle can fire proximity mines but at the cost of 25 ammo.

Dead Space Remake Weapons List

Speaking of ammo, the ammunition for the Dead Space Remake weapons only spawns so long as that gun is in your inventory. If you put it in the Storage, you will not be able to receive any ammo for that gun. Since your inventory slot is limited, you may want to put weapons you don’t want in the Storage.

How to upgrade weapons in Dead Space Remake?

Weapons can be upgraded by finding the upgrade parts that are hidden throughout the Ishimura or purchasing them from Stores found in the game. In addition, you can also use Benches to provide stat buffs to weapons by installing Nodes into their slots.

How to upgrade weapons in Dead Space Remake?

As you progress through the chapters, more weapon upgrades will become available from the Stores. These will cost you credits to invest in but they may be worth it as they provide powerful bonuses for your gear which will help you against the Necromorphs.

Best Weapons in Dead Space Remake

The best weapons in Dead Space Remake would have to be the Plasma Pistol, Flamethrower, and Force Gun. We won’t count the Hand Cannon since that’s a gun you can only get on New Game Plus.

You only have a limited slot on your numpad to assign all the Dead Space Remake weapons to. This means that you won’t have time to scroll through every weapon quickly as pulling up your inventory puts you in a vulnerable spot. Due to the nature of Necromorphs, it’s usually best for unconventional weaponry to cut their limbs to put a permanent stop to them.

Plasma Cutter - Best Weapons in Dead Space Remake

The Plasma Pistol is the first weapon you ever get, but it’s already one of the most reliable. While it can feel basic compared to other weapons in Isaac’s arsenal, it’s reliable for cutting limbs which is a Necromorphs greatest weakness. It’s also not short on ammunition and a fully upgraded Plasma Pistol can take down most enemies in the game with ease.

The Flamethrower is a really fun weapon to use to turn Necromorphs into cinders. As a bonus, it also sheds some light on hard-to-see areas making it hard for enemies to sneak up on you. It’s only surpassed by the Force Gun which is essentially a shotgun that pushes Necromorphs that love to get too close.

Best Weapons in Dead Space Remake Flamethrower

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