Demonologist Ectoplasm Stains Explained

This particular evidence is hard to find making it a challenge to identify certain ghosts.

One of the evidences you need to look for in Demonologist are the ectoplasm stains in order to figure out which type of ghost you’re dealing with. However, these can be hard to spot as they can only be seen using a certain tool that you may not have brought with you. In this guide, we’ll explain what ectoplasm stains are in Demonologist and how you find them.

What are Ectoplasm Stains in Demonologist?

Ectoplasm stains are left behind by ghosts as evidence to collect. They’re normally invisible to the naked eye and can’t be seen unless you’re using the Ecto Glass. You can identify them as white stains on the surfaces of objects the ghost touches.

As the ghost moves around, it will leave behind ectoplasm. However, only certain ghosts do this, which is your clue that narrows down the list of suspects. You have to pay close attention because these stains can be easy to miss.

Compared to other evidence, the ectoplasm stains in Demonologist are rather rare. Players online have mentioned that they’re unable to get any ectoplasmic evidence, even after long periods of time, from ghosts who do leave ectoplasm as evidence. This has led to wrong assumptions about what type of ghost they’re dealing with, which could easily happen to you.

What are Demonologist Ectoplasm Stains?

Best Ways to Spot Ectoplasm Stains in Demonologist

There are tips that we can give you in order to raise your chances of seeing ectoplasm stains in the environment. Take the Ecto Glass and pair it up with the other Demonologist tools, specifically the ESG. Place the ESG down where you believe there will be the most paranormal activity, and take out your Ecto Glass and see if the ghost leaves any stains.

At the time of this writing, only 9 of the 24 demonologist ghosts leave behind ectoplasm stains. If you see any, it’s possible that they’re one of these:

  • Agash
  • Demon
  • Deogen
  • Guipo
  • Naamah
  • Raiju
  • Shade
  • Wraith
  • Yurei

It’s not a guarantee that you’ll see stains in every single hunt, but it’s a safe option if you’re having a hard time or if you’re unsure. Since the ESG raises paranormal activity, it’s a good bet that you’ll find the clue you’re looking for.

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We hope this guide explained what the Demonologist ectoplasm stains are. To find out how to use all the other Demonologist tools, check out our guide on All Demonologist Tools and How to Use Them.