Demonologist Fakirhane Meaning

You'll see a strange old phrase in the Old House in Demonologist. But what does it mean?

If you’ve been very observant, you may notice the word Fakirhane in Demonologist that’s written on the walls. It doesn’t seem like an obtuse English word that people rarely use, so most of us wouldn’t really understand what it means, but don’t fret. This guide will explain what Fakirhane means and implies in Demonologist and why it is there.

What does Fakirhane mean in Demonologist?

According to a translation online, Fakirhane (pronounced: “fa-kir-hai-ne”) means “my (poor) home” in Turkish. The developers of Demonologist do hail from Turkey, so it makes sense for them to make a reference to their nationality. Nothing will happen if you say this and based on the translation it could just mean poor house and the developers might be emphasizing your current status of being in the starting estate.

Fakirhane is one of the Easter eggs you can find in Demonologist. Most Easter eggs usually do something, like a jumpscare, but not this one. It just seems to be there in the Old House, which is the starting Demonologist safe house.

It’s a neat little reference in a game that otherwise is full of horror. And it does reflect the state of the Old House which is pretty worn down. However, it still has its own secrets if you’re willing to look. Just be careful not to go to the bathroom, where you may find a scare waiting for you.

What does Fakirhane mean in Demonologist?

Beyond that, we have yet to see other Turkish words included in the game. Though more maps are going to be coming in future updates, we’re excited to see what other Turkish words we can learn in the future.

That’s what Fakirhane means in Demonologist. Now that you know a little more about the Turkish language, we hope that you enjoyed rehberim. For more features, news, and guides, feel free to check out our other Demonologist articles.