Demonologist Fingers Location

A guide for how to spawn the fingers and where to find them in Demonologist.

Each map has its own unique method of exorcising the ghost; the Demonologist fingers, for example, can exorcise the one haunting the abandoned house. You need to find 5 of the fingers in order to do the exorcism for the ghost in this level, but it can be quite challenging since they’re pretty hard to notice. In this guide, we’ll show you where to find the fingers you need for the exorcism in Demonologist.

Where to find fingers in Demonologist?

To find the fingers in Demonologist, you first need to identify the ghost and complete optional objectives before they spawn in the abandoned house. You can usually find them blinking on the ground floor of the map.

The fingers will not spawn in the level unless you have first identified the ghost. This makes any attempt at exorcism impossible until you have accomplished previous tasks. Exorcisms are optional, and you can complete your objective and leave with it, but they give you the most amount of money and can be a fun challenge for the daring.

For the Abandoned House, you’ll need specific Demonologist tools to complete the optional objectives before the fingers spawn. You’ll need the Candle, the Ecto Glass, and the Photo Camera to complete the optional objectives, regardless of the type of ghost haunting the Abandoned House. By getting the ghost to blow out a candle, finding the ghost’s silhouette, and taking a photo of it, the fingers will spawn in the map.

Abandoned Hospital - Where to find fingers in Demonologist?

There are no set locations for the fingers to spawn. They’re usually on the ground floor inside the rooms, on the floors, or on top of chairs and tables, but you should also check the upper levels. Use your flashlight to find them and search each room thoroughly.

What to do after getting all 5 Demonologist Fingers?

After getting all five Demonologist fingers, you can now do the exorcism by heading into the basement and burning them. This will complete the exorcism and banish the ghost.

This exorcism method is unique to the Abandoned House. Since the fingers don’t spawn in the other maps, the method to exorcise the ghost will be different. However, you should be able to exorcise the Abandoned House ghost so long as you find the five fingers on the map.

Demonologist Fingers: What to do after getting all five?

This explains where each Demonologist fingers locations are. We wish you luck in exorcising the ghost that resides in the Abandoned House.