Demonologist Ghost Types: How to Identify All Ghosts

Get to know each ghost types in Demonologist and their specific behavior.

Demonologist All Ghost Types and How to Identify Each featured

Your job in Demonologist is to identify what specific hostile spirit is haunting the area, so knowing all ghost types is going to be essential. Expert ghost hunters would already be able to identify the type of ghost that’s haunting the place based on its behavior alone, with very little evidence. So if you want to become an elite Demonologist, you’ve come to the right article. Read ahead as we walk you through all available ghost types and teach you how to identify each of the ghosts in the game.

All Ghost Types in Demonologist

Here are all the ghost types in Demonologist at the current build of the game:

  • Abaddon: Are very aggressive against players who are low on Sanity but will ignore you if you’re holding a Crucifix.
  • Agash: Are very fast in cold temperatures but slow down when it’s hot.
  • Boogey: Ghost personality is still under investigation.
  • Demon: A difficult ghost to identify due to lack of reaction to players but is very aggressive when hunting.
  • Deogen: Are aggressive when their targeted players are near but become less so when their target is far away.
  • Goryo: Will only interact with the ESG if no players are nearby.
  • Guipo: Ghost personality is still under investigation.
  • Gul: Gets hostile if you talk or swear near it.
  • Hantu: Can curse players who speak to them and the curse can only be lifted with Sanity Pills.
  • Iblis: Has unique dialogue that other ghosts don’t posses and always knows where you are but becomes slower the when they’re near their prey.
  • Jinn: A ghost with high activities and is prone to hunting players.
  • Mare: Loves to talk but doesn’t usually start hunts and won’t begin a ghost hunt if a player is nearby.
  • Myling: A ghost that is calmed by fire and attracted to it but it will put out the flames before starting a ghost hunt.
  • Naamah: Ghost personality is still under investigation.
  • Oni: Will quickly damage your sanity if you’re nearby and is very fast when hunting.
  • Onryo: A ghost that will fall in love with a player which they will never attack but they’ll attack everyone else close to them.
  • Poltergeist: A ghost that will frequently throw objects which lowers your sanity and they can only calm down when they have nothing left to throw.
  • Raiju: Will hunt down players who stray from the group and is less likely to hunt around larger groups.
  • Revenant: Will hunt you regardless of your sanity.
  • Thaye: Are very aggressive early but will slow down as the game continues.
  • Wraith: Ghost personality is still under investigation.
  • Yokai: Will start a ghost hunt once everyone’s average sanity is below 50%.
  • Yurei: A ghost that likes to hunt when groups of players are together but is less aggressive when you’re alone.

Each ghost type has its own textbook behavior that you can use to quickly figure out what you’re dealing with. However, some ghosts are sometimes difficult to define, so you might want to be extra sure so you don’t get it wrong. You’ll have to use the right tools in Demonologist to see what kind of evidence they leave behind.

As we’re still early into the game, not all of the Demonologist ghost types’ behavior has been properly described yet. We’ll be sure to update this once the community discovers new information.

How to Identify Each Ghost Type in Demonologist?

Each ghost type has unique combinations of evidence that they leave behind. Aside from looking at textbook behavior, pay attention to each ghost’s tell. Here are the evidences each ghost type leaves that you can use to identify them:

Ghost Type



EMF 5, Spirit Box, Freezing


Ectoplasm, Fingerprints, Freezing


EMF 5, ESG, Spirit Box


Easel, Ectoplasm, Freezing


ESG, Ectoplasm, Fingerprints


EMF 5, ESG, Fingerprints


ESG, Ectoplasm, Spirit Box


Fingerprints, Spirit Box, Freezing


Easel, Spirit Box, Freezing


ESG, Easel, Spirit Box


EMF 5, ESG, Freezing


EMF 5, Easel, Freezing


Ecoplasm, Spirit Box, Freezing


ESG, Easel, Ectoplasm


EMG 5, Fingerprints, Freezing


EMG 5, Easel, Fingerprints


ESG, Fingerprints, Spirit Box


ESG, Ectoplasm, Freezing


Easel, Fingerprints, Freezing


Easel, Ectoplasm, Spirit Box


Easel, Fingerprints, Spirit Box


EMF 5, Ectoplasm, Fingerprints


EMF 5, Easel, Spirit Box


EMG 5, ESG, Ectoplasm

No two ghost types have the same combination of evidence. Pay close attention to each piece of evidence left behind by the ghost, as they usually don’t last long on the scene.

If you’re having trouble getting evidence, then we recommend using the ESG. This will encourage the ghost to do something. However, be careful, as ghost activities can drain your sanity. If you’re dealing with an Abaddon or Yokai, you could be in trouble.

Demonologist All Ghost Types

Now you know all the Demonologist ghost types and how to identify each of them. We hope this article was useful.