Demonologist Tarot Cards

Each Tarot Card does something in Demonologist.

All Tarot Cards in Demonologist featured

One of the Cursed Possessions you can find is a deck of Tarot Cards in Demonologist. Demonologist Tarot Cards give you a random effect upon drawing. There are 10 cards per deck, so you can draw up to ten times. This is one of the riskier tools to use when investigating a ghost, as it can often boil down to luck as to which card and its effect you’ll get upon drawing. In this guide, we’ll show you all the Demonologist tarot cards you can currently pick up and what they do in the game.

What do Tarot Cards do in Demonologist?

Here are all the ten Demonologist Tarot Cards and what they do:

  • Aggressive Card: Will make the ghost angry.
  • Angel Card: Revives dead teammate.
  • Death Card: Starts a ghost hunt.
  • Flame of Fate Card: Either raises or lowers your sanity depending on the burn color.
  • Guillotine Card: Death for the player who draws it.
  • Moon Card: Lowers you sanity.
  • Slave Card: Locks the ghost in the room it’s in.
  • Sun Card: Raises your sanity.
  • The Devil Card: Paranormal activity increased.
  • Void Card: Makes an item disappear.
What do Tarot Cards do in Demonologist

Be careful when using each card, as they could kill you without warning. There is a 1 in 10 chance that you’ll draw the Guillotine card. Which is why we recommend not really using them until you’ve got a member down in your group if you don’t want to risk a revive. Use them at your own risk if you’re playing by yourself.

You do get an achievement, The Phoenix: Rebirth, if you manage to draw the Angel card, which revives a dead player. It’s probably the hardest achievement to get in the game.

Where to get Tarot Cards in Demonologist

Where to find Tarot Cards in Demonologist?

You can find a deck of Tarot Cards in a room on top of surfaces like a table or a nightstand and it will be glowing and hard to miss. The Tarot Cards spawn randomly in each of the three maps available in Demonologist, and sometimes it will not be available if there are other cursed possessions in the game like the Ouija Board and the Voodoo doll. Since the Tarot Cards are considered a Cursed Possession, you also can’t buy them from your Safehouse.

Be careful if you’re looking for them specifically, especially in the dark, as your sanity could decrease to low levels without you noticing. Once you pick up the Tarot Cards, interact with it, which will draw a card from the deck at random. What card you draw is purely up to chance.

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