Destiny 2 Closing Ceremony Quest (2023) Walkthrough

What better way tp conclude the Guardian Games 2023? It's time to put the finale on display and enter a new chapter with the Destiny 2 Closing Ceremony Quest.

Destiny 2 Closing Ceremony 2023 featured

The Destiny 2 Closing Ceremony puts a satisfying ending to the Guardian Games 2023. As the Season of the Deep is just around the corner, you don’t have much time left to complete this activity which is why we recommend you should get to it. The Closing Ceremony is a pretty simple mission but we recommend using this walkthrough to complete it.

How to Start Closing Ceremony Quest Destiny 2?

To start the Closing Ceremony quest, speak with Commander Zavala who you can find in The Tower. Grab the quest from him by hovering over it.

Destiny 2 Closing Ceremony 2023 - speak with Commander Zavala

Destiny 2 Closing Ceremony Quest Walkthrough

The first step in the Closing Ceremony is by going to the podium in the Tower Courtyard. It also happens that it’s also the last step as once you reach the podium, all you have to do is stand on one of the insignias on the ground which will trigger some fireworks and complete the quest.

And you’re done! All you have to do now is watch the fireworks around you and let enjoy the atmosphere as the Guardian Games 2023 comes to a grand close. The Season of the Deep is fast approaching at the end of the weekend and we’ll have to wait until Guardian Games 2024 to do this again.

Some players do seem to be experiencing a problem with the Closing Ceremony quest bug where they can’t seem to complete it or delete it from their quest log. You can check out our guide for a potential fix to this.

That’s the full walkthrough for the Destiny 2 Closing Ceremony. We hope you enjoyed the Guardian Games 2023.