Destiny 2 Doomed Petitioner God Roll: Best PvP & PvE Perks

Destiny 2 Doomed Petitioner God Rolls Featured Image

The Doomed Petitioner is a Void aggressive frame linear fusion from the Season of the Wish featured weapon set. We don’t get many Aggressive frames so the addition of this one is quite cause for joy. Aggressive frames are praised for their ability to ramp up consistent damage on bosses as they shoot three bolts in quick succession instead of one powerful bolt. Doomed Petitioner for its part has a solid roll for both PvE and PvP.

The moment I saw Precision Instrument in the perk pool, it piqued my curiosity. To my knowledge, this is the first linear fusion in the game to get the perk and I wanted to see if I can make something work. Aggressive frames shoot three bolts in quick succession and knowing this, getting up to 6x Precision Instrument should be a breeze. The question is now, “will it be good?”.

How to get Doomed Petitioner in Destiny 2

To get the Doomed Petitioner, and the other guns in the Season of the Wish set, you’ll need to complete the seasonal activity and hope that the reward chest carries a random roll of the weapon. You can also do runs in the Coil if you have the time and patience to see it through to the end.

If you manage to activate 5 red border copies of the weapon, you’ll be able to craft it at the workbench at the Enclave on Mars. This is ultimately worth it as the enhanced Precision Instrument adds a slight bump in overall damage.

Best Doomed Petitioner PvP God Roll

  • 1st Column: Corkscrew Rifling
  • 2nd Column: Projection Fuse
  • Range Masterwork
  • Counterbalance Stock Mod
  • Keep Away + Moving Target

Range and accuracy are essential to success with any scoped weapon in the Crucible. Three heavy damage bolts also help, oddly enough. Ever since Rangefinder got nerfed into oblivion, Keep Away has stepped in and filled the void left behind by the once most popular range perk. If you want to fight from range, that’s currently your only choice. You can always go for the short-range route with Threat Detector. But you don’t want to risk losing heavy to a shotgun user. Moving Target allows you to peak in and out of cover and works well with Doomed Petitioner’s reasonable zoom.

If you bring this as your Heavy weapon in PvP, then you are a little gremlin. Other players go to the match with their favorite thousand-kill heavy grenade launcher and then there’s you, sitting somewhere beyond a door frame, waiting for the first Guardian to enter your line of sight.

The weirdest thing is that it might just work out in your favor. Everyone’s looking for that Christmas light sniper scope glare when entering a lane. Nobody expects it to be covered by a linear fusion rifle. The most annoying part is that you need only two bolts to kill a Guardian outright. I don’t know if you need all three to knock a Guardian out of their Super but I assume that’s how it works. It still won’t be consistent as an airdrop from a GL, and you won’t get much value in a close-quarters map, but at least you have another option now.

Best Doomed Petitioner PvE God Roll

  • 1st Column: Corkscrew Rifling
  • 2nd Column: Particle Repeater
  • Stability Masterwork
  • Counterbalance Stock Mod
  • Reconstruction + Precision Instrument
  • Envious Assassin + Precision Instrument

There are two things you want to keep in mind when building Doomed Petitioner for PvE: Stability and magazine refills. Firstly, You need high stability to keep the rifle from bouncing all over the place. It doesn’t matter if the boss is stunned, every bolt counts during the damage phase. The second issue can be resolved by having perks that automatically reload your magazine.

Reconstruction fills your magazine over time up to twice the magazine capacity. Envious Assassin overflows the magazine as well but requires rapid kills to do its thing. Out of the two, I prefer Reconstruction as I don’t have to look for mobs to prepare for the damage phase.

How good is the Doomed Petitioner?

I was very excited with the prospect of applying Precision Instrument to the Doomed Petitioner. I still got my wish in the end but it didn’t turn into the damage-dealing machine I was hoping it could be.

The truth is, 6x Precision Instrument takes a couple of bursts to ramp up to and the damage isn’t as amazing as I thought it could be. It’s still a good amount of consistent damage over time but it wasn’t the burst damage I envisioned it could be when all stacks are active. Additionally, you need to make all the bolts hit to keep Precision Instrument going. A single bolt missed will immediately deactivate the perk, enhanced or not.

On the bright side, the high uptime and consistent output can be good overall. It won’t beat a four-shot rocket launcher in terms of pure DSP but its ammo economy makes certain it can go on longer. The weapon is also far more accessible compared to the dungeon and raid aggressive frames.

These are the Doomed Petitioner base stats before any perks are applied:

  • Impact: 41
  • Range: 45
  • Stability: 46
  • Handling: 25
  • Reload Speed: 24
  • Zoom: 25
  • Charge Time: 533
  • Magazine: 5

Doomed Petitioner’s perk pool is somewhat deep. On their own, a good number of these perks can stand on their own merits, save for the newer ones that are there because they are new. Permeability could be useful someday in the right circumstances but in the meantime, it’s not worth losing a refill perk over.

3rd Column Perks

  • Permeability
  • Threat Detector
  • Keep Away
  • Attrition Orbs
  • Destabilizing Rounds
  • Envious Assassin
  • Deconstruction

4th Column Perks

  • Surrounded
  • Deconstruct
  • Moving Target
  • High Ground
  • Golden Tricorn
  • Loose Change
  • Precision Instrument

And that’s everything I have for this Doomed Petitioner god roll guide. I still favor Briar’s Contempt from the Root of Nightmares raid over this gun for it’s simply the better gun and also due to this season’s artifact mods. But considering that we don’t get aggressive frame linear fusion rifles all that often, it might be worth keeping a good roll for the heck of it. Good luck and have fun out there, Guardians.

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