Destiny 2 Scatter Signal God Roll: Best PvP & PvE Perks

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The Scatter Signal is a strand rapid-fire fusion rifle that’s part of the Season of the Wish weapon set. This is the last fusion to complete the trifecta of fusion frames that are currently present. It started with the Pressurized Precision and again with the Nox Perennial V. Granted, we were due a Strand rapid-fire but it feels like they were rushed out the door to complete an invisible set.

The Scatter Signal does impressive work as a rapid-fire fusion in PvP. It can become the Strand equivalent of Iterative Loop if its Guardian wishes it so. Alternatively, it can lean closer to its more unique roll with the Under-Over perk.

How to get Scatter Signal in Destiny 2

A random roll for the Scatter Signal is eventually acquired at the end of the Season of the Wish seasonal activities. It can also be rewarded at the end of a run through The Coil. Opening chests with wish keys allows for the chance of a red border Scatter Signal to drop.

Once you have activated 5 red border copies, the weapon’s pattern will be known to you. You can then go to the Enclave on Mars to forge your own crafted Scatter Signal with enhanced perks.

Best Scatter Signal PvP God Rolls

  • 1st Column: Smallbore
  • 2nd Column: Liquid Coils
  • Charge Time Masterwork
  • Counterbalance Stock Mod
  • Surplus + Kickstart
  • Encore + Kickstart

This god roll turns Scatter Signal into an Itirative Loop in the primary slot. Your main focus for much of the match is to get Kickstart going before finding the enemy around a corner. Surplus is there to give you a stat bump before encounters, provided you haven’t used any of your abilities beforehand. Encore will allow you to snowball after defeating your first Guardian. It’s a potent combo for run-and-gun Guardians.

  • 1st Column: Fullbore
  • 2nd Column: Projection Fuse
  • Range Masterwork
  • Counterbalance Stock Mod
  • Perpetual Motion + Under-Over

This is Scatter Signal’s most unique roll. Under-Over increases damage on Overshielded Guardian by a whopping 20%. With how many Titan and Warlock over-shields there are in the Crucible, there are plenty of chances to see this combo at work. This combo is especially effective on Strand Hunter Guardians with Woven Mail on.

From my experiences in PvP, the Under-Over roll is my preferred god roll. (Also, I already have Iterative Loop in the vault and I don’t want to have another Kickstart fusion rifle.) Unlike the Kickstart roll which sees me take the initiative all the time, the Under-Over roll allows me to dictate the pace of the engagement. As long I’m moving around slightly, I can zero in on a sliding hand cannon user before they get the chance to land that critical third crit shot.

Target tracking and anticipation have become paramount to getting that one-burst kill. Under-Over helps you down a Guardian using a bolt or two less than what is usually needed. But if your tracking is a little off, there won’t be enough bolts to secure the kill. This wasn’t a problem when I was using Glacioclasm. It felt like the bolts hit the target at the same time as if it were a hit-scan weapon. Scatter Signal’s bolts move a little slower so you have to track the target more tightly. That’s how I see it after using it for a while now.

Best Scatter Signal PvE God Rolls

  • 1st Column: Fullbore
  • 2nd Column: Enhanced Battery
  • Charge Time Masterwork
  • Counterbalance Stock Mod
  • Overflow + Controlled Burst
  • Slice + Controlled Burst

There are two options for the PvE god roll. Both rolls have Controlled Burst on them and it’s used to speed up your already fast charge time. Out of the two optional perks, I would go for Overflow instead of Slice. The reason is that every time I walk over an ammo brick, I don’t even want to think about reloading. The overflowed magazine cuts down time significantly allowing you to shoot Orange Bars until you walk on top of another ammo brick.

We’ve seen what Slice can do on weapons like Supercluster and Lethal Abundance, so putting it on a fusion rifle should be a no-brainer. Yes, it’s an option if you want to use it. But for me, fusions are better at raw DPS than being a support weapon that you bring up when needed.

How good is the Scatter Signal?

I have mixed feelings about the Scatter Signal. On the one hand, I really like it in PvP when it starts going, especially on my Strand Hunter with Grapple Nades. I can fly in and above Guardians’ heads and get a quick shot off before they have a chance to react. I don’t have that kind of fast-paced attack with the other Strand fusions.

The biggest issue with Scatter Signal in PvE is the fact that it’s a rapid-fire frame. I’m more used to dealing more damage with a single burst than spraying a single target with multiple bursts. But that’s just me. If you like going around evaporating Red Bars, go right on ahead.

These are the Scatter Signal base stats before any perks are applied:

  • Impact: 55
  • Range: 23
  • Stability: 36
  • Handling: 52
  • Reload Speed: 46
  • Zoom: 15
  • Charge Time: 500
  • Magazine: 7

A combination of Slice and Hatchling is a fun combination to consider in tandem with the Fragment that increases the range and damage of the Threadlings. Not useful in end-game content but is entertaining in mid-tier content or even Dares of Eternity. Other than that, Adagio is worth trying out in PvP. I can’t get into it on account of Adagio messing up my charge times. But it can work for you.

3rd Column Perks

  • Perpetual Motion
  • Overflow
  • Loose Change
  • Surplus
  • Enlightened Action
  • Encore
  • Slice

4th Column Perks

  • Under-Over
  • Adagio
  • Deconstruct
  • Kickstart
  • Controlled Burst
  • Attrition Orbs
  • Hatchling

And that’s everything I’ve got for this Scatter Signal god roll guide. I don’t know specifically what it is about rapid-fire fusions that I dislike bringing into PvE content. Maybe it has something to do with me exclusively bringing in Loaded Question and Glacioclasm 99% of the time. And I refuse to even consider anything else. In any case, Scatter Signal is going to see a fair bit of action in the Crucible and I should be fine with that. Good luck and have fun out there, Guardians.

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