Destiny 2 Lightfall: Best Hunter Strand Build

How to get the Best Hunter Strand Threadrunner build.

Destiny 2 Lightfall Best Hunter Strand Build featured

With the release of the Destiny 2 Lightfall expansion, a new subclass has been introduced which lets you play around with a new Hunter Strand build. And if you love moving around, the Strand subclass gives Hunters the ability to grapple around which gives them a lot of mobility to go wherever they want in a pinch. A large amount of deadly possibilities opens up if you get the right build for the Hunter Strand subclass.

So what is the best Hunter Strand build in Destiny 2 Lightfall? Let’s talk about the best grenades, fragments, aspects, and more for this subclass.

Best Hunter Strand Build in Destiny 2 Lightfall

Here are the best choices for the Destiny 2 Lightfall Hunter strand build:

Best Hunter Strand Grenade

With the Hunter Strand subclass, you get to pick between Grapple, Shackle, and Threading Grenade. We recommend going with the Grapple grenade for your build as it lets you grab on to anything in the world, even enemies, so you can close in the distance or escape at a moment’s notice. And it’s incredibly fun to use as well!

The Grapple grenade will leave orb in the air which lets your teammates and yourself use to grapple around when you have the right Aspect equipped. It will even automatically latch onto enemy players and follow them around no matter how fast they’re moving if your aiming it close to them. A single melee attack once you grapple close to them will take out their shields and disorient their vision.

Best Hunter Strand Aspects

You have two Aspects to choose from for the Hunter Strand subclass which is the Ensnaring Slam and Widow’s Silk. This means you can equip them both however the real highlight is the Widow’s Silk as this Aspect gives you an extra grenade to use and even boosts the utility of the Grapple grenade.

With Widow’s Silk, you’ll be able to setup persistent grapple points around the area which you and your entire team can use. This gives your Fireteam unmatched mobility to get around. And with Ensnaring Slam, you can suspend enemies by diving into the ground leaving them open in the air for a moment.

Best Hunter Strand Fragments

Here are some of the best fragments you can equip for the Hunter Strand build:

  • Thread of Ascent: When you activate your Grenade, in this case your Grapple, your weapon will automatically reload and you’ll gain bonus handling and airborne effectiveness for a moment.
  • Thread of Generation: Damaging enemies recharges your grenade energy which lets you back into grappling as soon as possible.
  • Thread of Warding: Orb of Power grant you Woven Mail for extra protection.
  • Thread of Continuity; Debuff effects such as Suspend, Unravel, and Sever last longer on targets.
  • Thread of Isolation: Targets emit a severing burst when you land precision hits on them.

The Lightfall expansion gives several Aspects for the Strand subclass to choose from. We picked a few that would beneficial to the high mobility grapple playstyle of this Hunter Strand build.

Best Hunter Strand Equipment

Here are the best equipment that will compliment your Hunter Strand build and playstyle:

  • Cyrtarachne’s Facade: This Exotic Hunter Helmet gives you Woven Mail when you’re grappled which is extremely helpful when using the grapple grenade during combat.
  • Lucky Pants: One of the most useful Leg Armor for any Hunter builds which increases the damage of your Hand Cannon if the damage type matches your subclass.
  • Round Robin: This craftable Legendary Hand Cannon deals Strand damage which goes well with the Lucky Pants and is very deadly on longer ranges.
  • Mechaneer’s Tricksleeves: A Hunter exotic gauntlet that provides significant bonuses to your sidearm and grants passive buff such as increased airborne effectiveness, sidearm handling, and sidearm reload speed.
  • Final Warning: An exotic sidearm that marks multiple targets which lets you deal critical damage to them upon aiming or track them for body shots upon hip firing, goes extremely well with the Mechaneer’s Tricksleeves.

There is a new exotic introduced for the Hunter in Destiny 2 Lightfall called the Speedloader Slacks but it’s not as enticing as the Lucky Pants. It’s still a good alternative since it provides a boosts in handling, reloading, and airborne effectiveness for your entire Fireteam when dodging. The effect can stack which makes you a speedster in combat but you’ll have to pick between it and the big damage boost that the Lucky Pants offers.

If you want more enticing gear to play around with, then the Lightfall Legendary campaign offers exotic rewards. This Hunter Strand build is flexible so you can add and exchange equipment as you see fit.

Best Hunter Strand Build - Destiny 2 Lightfall

In order to unlock the recommend Aspects, Fragments, Grenades you’ll have to collect Strand Meditations. This can be done by taking part in the various activities that was added in the Lightfall expansion.

Additionally, you’ll also have to complete the Destiny 2 Lightfall story missions before you’re able to unlock the Hunter Strand subclass. You’ll be able to get a taste of it during the campaign itself but your Guardian will tire themselves out before you’re able to keep it for good.

That’s the Destiny 2 Lightfall Best Hunter Strand build. We hope this guide was informative.

Also check out this YouTube video from Wallzer showing us his Hunter Strand Build in Destiny 2 Lightfall: