Destiny 2 Lightfall Best Warlock Strand Build

How to get the Best Warlock Broodweaver build.

Destiny 2 Lightfall Best Warlock Strand Build featured

The Destiny 2 Lightfall expansion has released a lot of new content one of which is a new subclass which lets you play around with your Warlock Strand build. Summon a powerful horde of Threadlings born from the Strand to attack your enemies while keeping yourself at a safe distance. The possibilities are deadly if you know the right build for the Warlock Strand subclass.

So what is the best Warlock Strand build in Destiny 2 Lightfall? Let’s talk about the best grenades, fragments, aspects, and more for this subclass.

Best Warlock Strand Build in Destiny 2 Lightfall

Here are the best choices for the Destiny 2 Lightfall Warlock strand build:

Best Warlock Strand Grenade

You have three options for the Warlock strand grenade. Despite how tempting it is to go for the Grapple, we recommend the Threadling grenade instead. This horde of small minions will seek out your enemies and attack them for you which is probably the bread and butter of this subclass.

A lot of the Strand Aspects and Fragments compliment the use of Threadlings increasing their damage and giving you more chances to create more. However if you prefer, you can go for the Shackle grenade instead which stops the movement of your enemies allowing for Threadlings summoned through other methods to get close enough without them running off.

Best Warlock Strand Aspects

There are only two Strand Aspects for the Warlock so you’ll be able to equip all of them. The Weaver’s Call and Mindspun Invocation are both essential to this build. Upon casting Rifts, you’ll summon three Threadling eggs that hatch upon hitting a surface thanks to Weaver’s Call and any extra perched Threadlings become Threadling eggs.

Mindspun Invocation gives your grenades a bunch of buffs. If you’re using the Threadling grenade, you can consume it to immediately gain a full stack of perched Threadlings. If you’re using the Shackle grenade, you can consume it for a buff that causes suspending detonations on each kill you make. For Grapple grenades, you summon three Threadlings that immediately attach to your target once you melee grapple an enemy.

Best Warlock Strand Fragments

Here are some of the best fragments you can equip for the Warlock Strand build:

  • Thread of Evolution: Your Threadlings get a buff in that they’ll deal more damage and travel further to chase a target.
  • Thread of Finality: Finisher Final Blows against opponents create Threadlings.
  • Thread of Rebirth: Final Blows with Strand Weapons will give a chance to create Threadlings.
  • Thread of Generation: Damaging enemies restores Grenade energy.
  • Thread of Mind: Defeating suspended enemies gives you Class ability energy.
  • Thread of Transmutation: Final Blow against enemies while having Woven Mail gives you a Thread to destroy which benefits thanks to your Swarmers exotic equipment.

The Lightfall expansion gives several Aspects for the Strand subclass to choose from. We picked a few that would beneficial to summoning Threadlings to cause chaos in the battlefield.

Best Warlock Strand Equipment

Here are the best equipment that will compliment your Warlock Strand build and playstyle:

  • Swarmers: A Warlock helmet exotic that spawn Threadlings which also unravels enemies they damage upon destroying Tangles.
  • Ophidian Aspect: Warlock gauntlets exotic that buffs your weapons and melee which gives you an edge in PVP.
  • Transversive Steps: A Warlock leg exotic armor that significantly increases sprinting speed and even automatically reloads your weapons for you after some time sprinting.
  • Deterministic Chaos: A Void Heavy Machinegun exotic that can inflict debuffs on every fourth bullet which both weakens the enemy and makes them volatile.

There is a new exotic armor for the Warlock called Ballidorse Wrathweavers which is decent for Stasis builds but not much utility in this Strand build. So we recommend the Ophidian Aspect gauntlets or something similar. The Swarmer exotic leg armor is useful for having a new source of Threadlings to summon from.

If you want more enticing gear to play around with, then the Lightfall Legendary campaign offers exotic rewards. This Warlock Strand build is flexible so you can add and exchange equipment as you see fit.

Warlock Strand Build

In order to unlock the recommend Aspects, Fragments, Grenades you’ll have to collect Strand Meditations. This can be done by taking part in the various activities that was added in the Lightfall expansion.

Additionally, you’ll also have to complete the Destiny 2 Lightfall story missions before you’re able to unlock the Warlock Strand subclass. You’ll be able to get a taste of it during the campaign itself but your Guardian will tire themselves out before you’re able to keep it for good.

That’s the Destiny 2 Lightfall Best Warlock Strand build. We hope this guide was informative.

Here’s a Youtube video from IFrostBolt showing you how to take advantage of the Warlock Strand subclass abilities.