Destiny 2 Lightfall Release Date, Subclass Updates, Story Theories and Leaks

Here's the information we have gathered about the upcoming expansion.

New details about upcoming expansion Destiny 2 Lightfall release date, subclass updates, story theories, and more.

Destiny 2 Lightfall Release Date and Delay

The original plan for Destiny 2 the Witch Queen expansion was to launch it in 2021, but it was delayed until 2022. Unfortunately, this has now impacted the launch of Destiny 2 Lightfall as well.

Here is a blog post about the Witch Queen delay by Bungie:

“Last summer, we outlined our ambition for the next era in Destiny 2 by announcing the full arc, starting with Beyond Light, followed by the Witch Queen and Lightfall. As we began to scale production on the Witch Queen last year, we made the difficult but important decision to move its release to early 2022; we also realized we needed to add an additional unannounced chapter after Lightfall to fully complete our first saga of Destiny.”

Lightfall was going to launch in 2022, but since it is highly unlikely that two Destiny 2 expansion will be released within 9 months of each other, it will clearly be delayed to 2023 instead. Currently, there is no official confirmation from Bungie.

How Does Destiny 2 The Witch Queen Conclude?

Here is a quick recap of what happens in The Witch Queen and how it concludes.

*Spoilers for those who haven’t finished The Witch Queen*
  • Savathûn was revealed to have died in the outskirts of the Last City, shortly after escaping the Dreaming City following the exorcism ritual which took place in Season 15 (the season before the release of The Witch Queen). Savathûn was resurrected by the Traveler
  • The Guardian uncovers a memory of a young Sathona, before she became the Hive God Savathun. It’s revealed that The Traveler was prepared to help the proto-Hive just as it later did for The Fallen and Humanity. But Sathona was tricked by The Witness (Darkness) into freeing the Worm Gods who would enslave the Hive
  • Following her defeat, Savathun warns the Guardian with her dying breath that the Witness is coming
  • Savathûn’s Ghost, Immaru, manages to escape and the Traveler returns to Earth
  • The Witness is finally shown in front of numerous Pyramid ships – the Black Fleet – planning for a final assault on the Guardian’s Solar System.

Here’s a video from YouTuber Timbo that easily summarizes what happens in the recent expansion.

Destiny 2 Lightfall Plot Predictions

These are just some predictions of what the Destiny 2 Lightfall plot is going to be. The story of the whole franchise is quite flexible and it could change from one week or in a new season to the next. So these are just speculations on what could happen next.

  • The Black Fleet appears in the Solar System and the EDZ and Nessus get consumed by the Darkness.
  • To fight off the Darkness, there will be a new subsclass that will get introduced.
  • A new race called the Lubreans will be introduced and will be revealed during boss fight encounters. There was already a Lubrean that got introduced during the Vow of the Disciple Raid as a boss. Rhulk, the boss mentioned, is described as the first disciple.
  • The Witness will attack and ultimately destroy The Last City, which will make the Guardians lose. The Vanguard and Guardians will be scattered across the system.
  • The Hive God of War Xivu Arath will attack the remaining Guardians to seek vengeance for the death of his fellow Hive Gods Savathun and Oryx.
  • The Traveler resurrects Savathun and show Xivu Arath the truth. This will start a big fight in the upcoming expansion.
  • Savathun’s Hive guardians, the Guardians, Eliksni, and Empress Caiatl will be allied together in The Final Shape in order to finally defeat The Witness. This will start the new golden age for all races as a result.

Destiny 2 Lightfall Subclass Updates

Beyond Light added a new subclass called Stasis and The Witch Queen introduced the Void Subclass. More subclass updates are supposedly planned throughout the year with Solar 3.0 and Arc 3.0 with some of the new seasons coming throughout.

Destiny 2 Lightfall is predicted to introduce a new fifth subclass. No confirmation yet from Bungie, but there are some theories. Some say it is going to be called Soulfire where it is a “byproduct of Forced Evolution through Nuclear Transmutation and Decay.

Destiny 2 Lightfall Trailer

No official Destiny 2 Lightfall trailer has been released, but there was a teaser that got released called Past Is Prologue trailer. During the teaser, it shows the Exo Stranger say that “a side should always be taken, even if it’s the wrong side.”

Stay tuned as for news on Destiny 2 Lightfall as we update our guide for Destiny 2 Expansion List.