Destiny 2 Malfeasance (2022) – How to Unlock Exotic Hand Cannon

One of the most powerful exotics in the game

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Our Destiny 2 How to Get Malfeasance Hand Cannon guide will show you the step-by-step process into getting one of the game’s most powerful exotic weapons. Find out how to get the Malfeasance Hand Cannon in Destiny 2 below.

How to Get Destiny 2 Malfeasance Hand Cannon?

Ever since the Destiny 2 Forsaken DLC has released for free-to-play players, everyone now has the chance to grab the Malfeasance Hand Cannon for themselves. This exotic weapon has been universally acknowledged by even Destiny 2 veterans as one of the best weapons in the game. So don’t be surprised that everyone wants to get their hands on it.

Acquiring the Malfeasance exotic is easier said than done. Like the Destiny 2 Thorn Armor, it can be taxing and will require some stroke of good luck to acquire. If you’re lost at where to being, we’ll show you exactly where to go in order to get this exotic weapon for yourself.

How to Get the Malfeasance Hand Cannon? Step-by-Step Process

In order to acquire the Destiny 2 Malfeasance exotic Hand Cannon, we first have to begin the exotic quest for it in the game. The quest to acquire the Malfeasance is called Light in the Darkness which you can start after handing a Seeding Heart to the Drifter.

Here is the complete step-by-step process into getting the Malfeasance Hand Cannon. This will include how to get the Seeding Heart to start the Light in the Darkness Quest.

Gambit Matches Destiny 2 How to Get Malfeasance Hand Cannon

Participate in Gambit Matches.

Go to the The Drifter and participate in Gambit Matches. You’ll have to summon Primevals until you can get the chance to fight an Ascendant Primeval Servitor. You can find the Drifter as a vendor in his ship, The Derelict, in the Tower.

The Ascendant Primeval Servitor will be on a random rotation. So you might not encounter it during your first time summoning the Primevals.

Ascendant Primeval Servitor Destiny 2 How to Get Malfeasance Hand Cannon

Defeat the Ascendant Primeval Servitor

Once you have had the chance to encounter a Ascendant Primeval Servitor which is a mini-boss, you can defeat it for the chance to acquire a Seeding Heart which is important to getting the Malfeasance Hand Cannon.

Originally players had difficulty with trying to spawn an Ascendant Primeval Servitor. However the chance to spawn it has been increased ever since March of 2019 so you’re more likely to encounter an Ascendant Primeval Servitor now.

The Drifter Destiny 2 How to Get Malfeasance Hand Cannon

Speak to The Drifter

Once you have a Seeding Heart, return to the Drifter and he’ll give you the Light in the Darkness Quest.

Finish the Corrupted Strike

The Drifter will first send you to the Dreaming City where you’ll have to complete a variant of the Corrupted Strike quest. Originally you had to defeat 25 Taken before you could tackle the Corrupted Strike but this is no longer the case now.

While this quest only has around 1100 Power, this can actually be very difficult for even Guardians at 3000 Power. There is no matchmaking for this quest so we recommend you pair up with a friend before tackling it.

Deposit 100 Motes and Win 10 Gambit Matches

You need to speak with the Drifter and participate in Gambit Matches where you’ll need to win at least 10 Gambit Matches and deposit 100 Motes. Beware that losing Motes will also count against your progress making this a particularly difficult step.

Defeat 25 Guardians in Gambit

Whether you’re playing Invasion or defending, you have to defeat 25 Guardians in Gambit which isn’t an easy feat. This part tends to be rather taxing so prepare yourself.

Team Wipe an Entire Team Three Times

Next, you’ll have to wipe an entire team in an invasion 3 different times. You can also rely on your teammate to be the one to do this or you can team wipe yourself. Either will count towards your progress.

Return to the Drifter

Once you’ve completed all the steps above, return to the Drifter. You are now a proud owner of the Malfeasance exotic Hand Cannon.

Malfeasance Hand Cannon Destiny 2 How to Get Malfeasance Hand Cannon

Destiny 2 Malfeasance Hand Cannon Stats


Hand Cannon






750 - 1010

Ammo Type










Reload Speed


Rounds Per Minute






Aim Assistance


Recoil Duration


Fire Mode




And with that, you now know how to get the Malfeasance Cannon in Destiny 2. Check out Profane Gaming’s video on how to get the Malfeasance Hand Cannon in 2021.

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