How to get Deterministic Chaos in Destiny 2 Lightfall

Where to get the Deterministic Chaos void machine gun in Destiny 2 Lightfall?


The Lightfall expansion brings with it some awesome exotics such as the Deterministic Chaos in Destiny 2. This void machine gun can tear through enemy lines while debuffing them every fourth shot which makes for a pretty effective means of taking down spongy foes. It’s a great weapon for taking on Lost Sectors and other bosses in the game if you’re looking to add some dakka to your arsenal.

So how do you get the Deterministic Chaos in Destiny 2? And just how good is this weapon?

How to get the Deterministic Chaos in Destiny 2 Lightfall?

The Deterministic Chaos can be received as a reward for completing the Unfinished Business in Destiny 2: Lightfall. It’s a rather straightforward quest that asks you to recover items from different areas in the game.

Unfinished Business is a post content quest so it’ll only unlock after you’ve finished all the Lightfall story missions. After you’ve done that, talk to Nimbus in Neomuna and they’ll give you the quest. Following through the quest is pretty straightforward though it does have quite a bit of combat segments which will take some time. The Unfinished Business also recommends you to be at least 1770 power before taking it on so we recommend finishing the Lightfall Legendary campaign for the rewards that help you breach the soft cap immediately.

Thankfully the Unfinished Business quest can be done without much prerequisites. Unlike other Lightfall exotic weapons, the Deterministic Chaos in Destiny 2 only requires that you finish the Lightfall expansion missions related to its main campaign. After you’ve finished Unfinished Business, you can get this void machine gun as a reward.

What is the Deterministic Chaos in Destiny 2?

Deterministic Chaos is an exotic void machine gun that will fire Void debuffs on your every fourth shot while also making them volatile. While not recommended in PVP such as Crucible, this exotic weapon is great for clearing out Lost Sectors and the like.

Deterministic Chaos Stats

  • Type: Machine Gun
  • Rarity: Exotic
  • RPM: 360
  • Intrinsic Trait: Heavy Metal – While holding down the trigger, every fourth bullet becomes a heavy projectile that weakens targets on impact.

That’s how to get Deterministic Chaos in Destiny 2 Lightfall. We hope this article helped you add another exotic weapon to your arsenal.

If you’re looking for a video on how to get the Deterministic Chaos, then Aztecross might have something for you.