Diablo Immortal PvP Gets Hit by Cheats

Cheaters are currently in PvP.

diablo immortal

After just a day, Blizzard’s ARPG Diablo Immortal PC PvP just got hit with cheats in-game.

Diablo Immortal Another Controversy Brewing

While the controversy of microtransactions and “pay-to-win” mechanics swirl in the Diablo Immortal community, another one has appeared. According to a Reddit user, cheating has already appeared in the game as soon as it went online on PC.

Video Evidence

Twitch streamer wudijo recently shared some clips with a certain Necromancer named Burn. It shows Burn using a cheat that would allow him to spam Bone Spikes ability without any cooldown at all at the 8v8 PvP mode Battleground. It turns it into a channeled ability and does massive damage, which is quite concerning. There was no indication on how he did the cheat, but it was clear that he has done the trick multiple times already and it is done with intent.

Comrade and Opponent

The Twitch stream had encountered Burn multiple times as teammate and opponent. Burn would use the cheat to easily kill a Sacred Guardian, a PvE mob that needs to be killed for the team to progress. Wudijo would have to kill this in 30 seconds, but Burn would quickly do it in 2 seconds, which was very concerning. When they face off, wudijo dies fast in just seconds. It does have a condition though, which is to stay still, which gives the team members of wudijo a chance to kill Burn as well.

diablo immortal necromancer

Just How Many Cheaters Are Out There?

Burn was also seen in other PvP matches. This Necromancer was quickly found out, but there are still others out there who have not been discovered yet, so who knows how many of them are there.

It seems the cheat can be used in PvE as Burn could defeat the Sacred Giant in seconds, which could be helpful but also unfair for everyone who are playing this normally. So far, it was only seen on PvP.

Blizzard Has Not Moved

No word yet from Blizzard on how they will handle this situation.

Diablo Immortal is now available on PC and mobile devices on certain territories.