Where to Get Coconut in Dinkum

A guide on where to get Coconuts in Dinkum.

Dinkum Coconut cover

Coconut is one of the resources that can be obtained in Dinkum. This tropical drupe is an iconic thing to see on island settings, and so there’s bound to be one found in this game. However, some new players might not find it easy to find one growing on their island.

In this guide, we will talk about where to get Coconut in Dinkum, how to propagate it, and what it is used for.

An ocean island with a bunch of coconut trees

Where to get Coconut in Dinkum

Coconuts can be found in Ocean islands which are small islands found in a cluster of 3 to 5 islands. Since every player’s map is different from each other, there is not one definite location where to find these Ocean islands. However, based on our observations, most Ocean islands can be found around the northeastern to eastern oceans.

On the minimap, the color of the islands is usually just flat green as compared to Jungle areas where there’s usually some color gradient going on to depict topography, and are also dotted by patches of dirt. Aside from the patches of sand around the islands and some vegetation, there’s nothing much to see on Ocean islands.

To get Coconuts, you just have to simply get close to the tree and interact with it to harvest the coconuts. The tree can also be cut down to make the coconuts fall, and it will also drop Palm Wood from its trunk and its stump; it does not drop a separate seed because the coconut is the seed.

Coconut trees planted near Palm trees

Coconut Uses in Dinkum

Unlike its real-life counterpart, the Coconut doesn’t provide that many uses in the current state of the game. The coconut itself is only used for one cooking recipe, which is the recipe for Lamington, or it can be planted to grow another coconut tree.

Lamington can be made using these ingredients:

  • x1 Flour
  • x1 Sugar
  • x1 Coconut
  • x1 Chicken Egg
  • x1 Milk

As for the tree, it is also a source of Palm Wood and can be used as a substitute to Palm Trees. Perhaps in a future update of the game, the coconut might be used for a lot more useful recipes or blueprints, so make sure to stock up on those coconuts or plant lots of coconut trees.

A planted coconut lies on its side and is touching the ground, while a dropped coconut hovers and lets out small star particles

How to plant a Coconut in Dinkum

Planting a Coconut is similar to how planting an Apple or a Banana goes. Simply dig a hole in the ground where you want to plant the coconut, drop a coconut in the hole by highlighting it on your toolbar and pressing the Q key, and then cover it back up.

You will notice that the coconut will resurface on the ground, but that is totally fine because it’s visually designed to mimic how real coconuts look like when they grow in the wild. Using a shovel on the planted coconut will not work, but hacking it with an axe will destroy it and will somehow spawn a stump which you can cut to get a single Palm Wood, similar to cutting other trees’ seedlings.

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