Dinkum Keg and Brewing Guide

A guide on how to brew using a Keg in Dinkum.

Dinkum Keg cover

The Dinkum Keg is one of the processing items that is needed for brewing different kinds of drinks in the game. A couple of seemingly inedible items can be placed inside a Keg and after a few days of fermenting inside it, a drink will be available for consumption the provides different kinds of boosts depending on the ingredients used.

In this guide, we will talk about the Dinkum Keg, how brewing works, and what brewing recipes can be done with it.

How to unlock the Keg in Dinkum

First, you will have to get your Woodcutting level to level 10 in order to be able to upgrade your Logging License to level 2 from Fletch for 1,000 Permit Points. Once you have your license upgraded, you’ll then unlock the Keg blueprint.

How to craft a Keg in Dinkum

To craft a Keg, you’ll need:

  • x5 Palm Wood Plank
  • x1 Iron Bar

Bring these items at the Crafting Table and you’ll be able to make a Keg. You can then place it down on any solid ground.

How to brew using a Keg in Dinkum

To start brewing, simply put ten (10) of the required ingredients inside the Keg. It will then start bubbling, signaling that the brewing process has started. The brewing process will last for ~2 days (2 sleeps), after which the brewed product will be ejected in front of the Keg. A brewable ingredient cannot be mixed with another brewable ingredient; it can only accept one kind of ingredient per brew.

Because of the long time that it takes to make a brew, it is recommended to make a couple of Kegs depending on the need or on the consumption rate. Sadly, the brewing process is not affected by a Windmill.

Bottle Brush Bush

Dinkum Brewing Recipes

There are only three brewing recipes in the current version of the game.

  • Wattle Brew – requires 10 Yellow Wattle Flowers
    • Restores 25 Energy
    • +25 Max Energy Boost
    • +Woodcutting for 10 mins.
    • +Mining for 10 mins.
    • +Fishing for 10 mins.
  • Bottled Brush – requires 10 Bottle Brush Flowers
    • Restores 25 Health
    • Healing over time for 60 seconds
  • Jelly Brew – requires 10 Jelly
    • Restores 50 Health
    • Restores 50 Energy
    • +Farming for 10 mins.
Slingshots work best on jellyfishes

How to get Jelly

Jelly can be obtained by hunting down Jellyfishes in the sea. The best weapon to hunt jellyfishes is the Slingshot as it is a ranged weapon and you can stay on land without having to swim in the water; the aim is a bit inaccurate at times, but just bring enough stones with you for ammo. Once a jellyfish is hunted, it drops 1 Jelly.

Potential Brewing Recipes

Because the game is still on its Early Access phase, there is a huge possibility that we will be seeing a lot more brewing recipes added into the finished game. We would love to be able to create stuff like:

  • Apple Cider
  • Banana Wine
  • Potato Vodka
  • Beer
  • Mead

It would also be a nice addition if an upgraded version of the Keg will exist in the game, one that would let us create concoctions with multiple ingredients.

Dinkum is available to purchase on Steam.

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