Dinkum Quarry Guide

A guide about the Quarry in Dinkum.

Dinkum Quarry cover

The Dinkum Quarry is one of the contraptions that can be commissioned in the game. It’s one helpful tool that is meant to help in ore and component farming passively, especially that most of the higher end crafting blueprints require a lot of those.

In this guide, we will be talking about the Dinkum Quarry, how to get one, and how to lay out an efficient Quarry field for mass mining.

How to obtain the Quarry in Dinkum

The Quarry can be commissioned from Franklyn once its blueprint is unlocked. To unlock the Quarry’s blueprint, you will first have to collect Shiny Discs which can be found from Drum Barrels and Buried Caches across the map. It’s best to whip out your Metal Detector and Shovel and start looking for these components any time that you can.

These Shiny Discs look like compact discs or CDs, and once you have collected a bunch of these, you can hand them over to Franklyn. Not only will these discs unlock several kinds of nifty blueprints, you’ll also get some hefty amount of Dinks for handing them over, which is one of the great ways of earning Dinks in the early-to-mid part of the game.

Quarry blueprint. Image credits to ShabbyDoo (YouTube)

Once you have unlocked the Quarry blueprint, you’ll need to pay out 70,000 Dinks and collect these items for Franklyn so that he can construct it:

  • x5 Old Gear
  • x1 Old Contraption
  • x3 Old Spring
  • x1 Button Board
  • x1 Old Toy

You’ll then have to wait for the next day before you can get the Quarry. If you haven’t invited Franklyn to become a resident in your island yet, he will send the finished Quarry to you via mail.

How to use the Quarry in Dinkum

To use the Quarry, place it on the ground while making sure that its four sides are clear from any obstructions. The Quarry can only be placed outdoors and it can easily be picked up by pressing the E key to be placed somewhere else.

Once on the ground, it will pull up items from under the ground and deposit it on one of its four adjacent sides (the corners do not count). This process can take an entire day, so it is recommended to place multiple quarries to increase the production.

The Quarry can pull up things to the surface such as ore nodes, drum barrels, and even valuable rubies.

Optimal Quarry Layout

Because of the way the Quarry deposits its items, it will have to be set up in a pattern where it can be laid out in the most compact way possible. Refer to the diagram below:

This setup can be tiled indefinitely

You can set up this layout on a wide open field and you won’t ever have to worry about running out of ore nodes and components forever.

Quarry Troubleshooting

Sometimes, you might encounter that your Quarry stops mining items. If this is the case, check if grass started sprouting on its adjacent tiles or check if a diggable item spawned in the tile. You’ll see an X mark on the tile if something is buried underneath, but it not, try to scan the tile with your Metal Detector as the mark doesn’t always appear.

Dinkum is available to purchase on Steam.

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