Dredge Stellar Basin Monster Guide

How to deal with the Stellar Basin Monster in Dredge

Dredge Stellar Basin Monster cover

The Stellar Basin Monster is one of the sea monsters in Dredge that lives within the basin and waits for unsuspecting victims to drift above it and become its prey. The area where it lurks contains some of the game’s exotic fish and relic, so it may be annoying to know that venturing there unprepared would lead to your boat getting wrecked, but don’t fret.

Read ahead as we talk about the Stellar Basin Monster in Dredge and share tips on how to deal with it.

Where to find the Stellar Basin Monster in Dredge

Where to find the Stellar Basin Monster

The Stellar Basin Monster can be found in the middle of the Stellar Basin, where it rests in the deepest part. The shallow area that surrounds its pit allows safe traversal to the other parts of the area without having to go around the islands.

How to stop the Stellar Basin Monster from attacking in Dredge

How to stop the Stellar Basin Monster from attacking

The Stellar Basin Monster can be temporarily made to withdraw by using the Banish skill while near it. However, this only lasts as long as the skill’s uptime. A longer option is to progress through the Research Assistant‘s pursuit and install the repulsion machine in the Generator near the Research Outpost.

You can turn on the repulsion machine, and it will send out a frequency that will push the monster back into hiding, allowing you to go above the basin without getting attacked. Some of the fish required for the said pursuit can only be found in this area, as well as one of the relics called the Jewel Encrusted Band, which The Collector needs. The repulsion machine only lasts until midnight, but you can simply turn it back on again from the Generator in case you need to go back on the basin.

Dredge Stellar Basin Monster Origin

Stellar Basin Monster Origin

There have been theories based on the in-game lore and text left in the ancient ruins suggesting that the Stellar Basin Monster is a result of what was left of the ooze that the malevolent entity from the bad ending spread as a curse to the sea and its inhabitants. That ooze was said to have come from a meteorite that crashed into the Earth, which resulted as the Stellar Basin.

The ancient civilizations that lived before fought hard to stop the ooze from spreading and corrupting everything it touched. They managed to eradicate almost all of the ooze, save for a small piece that survived by hiding into the depths of the basin. This ooze is thought to be similar to the one that the Courier has been trying to transport, which was eventually eaten by the Dockworker in Little Marrow and turned him into a zombie-like creature.

Throughout the years, the ooze grew undisturbed as it fed on the local wildlife, turning into the creature it is as seen in the game. Its body structure is not fully understood, but from what can be seen from above the water line, it appears to have a huge mouth surrounded by tentacles that it uses to hunt creatures that come too close. As to how it got too big without getting attacked by the Leviathan, it may have something to do with the basin itself, which, despite having a narrow channel leading to the center, provided a shelter that prevented the Leviathan from reaching it.

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