Dying Light 2 Saving Aitor Guide – Give Aitor the Recluse Herb or Not?

Keep your favorite PK member alive.

Featured Image Dying Light 2 Saving Aitor

In Dying Light 2 you get the chance to save Aitor but you’re going to have to be very careful with your choices. Death is a normal thing to see in The City. But it never gets easier in Dying Light 2. If you want to save lives, you’re going to have to make some tough calls. Here are the right ones.

Dying Light 2 Saving Aitor

Depending on your choices earlier in the game, Aitor will be taken back to the PK Floating Base on the verge of his life. Turns out he survived Waltz and is critically injured! You’ll get the side quest “Aitor” which will allow you to save his life. At the behest of his doctor, you’re sent to a “witch” who gives you specific instructions you’re going to need to follow.

Talk to Margaret - Dying Light 2 Saving Aitor

Talk to Margaret

After following the marker to get to Margaret, you’ll be greeted with a cutscene with a few dialogue options. Above are the specific instructions Margaret gives that you’ll have to take note. After leaving Margaret’s residence, you’ll contact Lawan for advice. She’ll tell you to head to a certain location at night to gather recluse.

Recluse at night, small petals, not the big ones…

Margaret’s instructions

Pick Up Recluse

During the night, you’ll have to pick up 3 recluse. Be careful of the Infected in the area least you start a chase. You might want to find a bow first before tackling the area. Here is out guide on where to get the best bows in Dying Light 2.

Don’t worry about looking for small petals, just pick up the recluse around. You can use Survivor Sense to find them although they’re easy enough to see as they glow in the dark. Just pick any 3 recluse.

Return to PK Floating Base

Make your way back to the PK Floating Base with the recluse. Head up the stairs and talk to the doctor.

Lie to Aitor’s Wife

When prompted by Aitor’s wife, lie to her. Tell her that you haven’t heard of any witches. She’ll call you a liar anyway but you can still get the option to cure Aitor.

Choose to Give Aitor the Small Petals

You’ll have four options to pick from at the deciding moment. You can either call Lawan for advice, refuse to give Aitor the petals, give Aitor the big petals, or give him the small ones.

As instructed by Margaret, you should give Aitor the small Recluse petals. Anything else and he’s dead. After a short cutscene you can leave the room and you’ll get a call from Jack Matt that Aitor made it out just fine. Congratulations, you’ve saved a life!

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