Dying Light 2 Bows – Where To Get A Bow

Be the deadliest ranged hunter in the zombie game...

Here is where to get a bow in Dying Light 2. We’ll teach you when you can first get a bow in Dying Light 2, where to get the best bows in the game, and where to get the crossbow.

How to Get a Bow in Dying Light 2

You’ll have to play through the first section of the story in Dying Light 2 in order to get a bow. To get your first bow you must finish Let’s Waltz! story quest in Dying Light 2. This story quest is fairly early in the game but you’ll have to put in a few hours before getting to it.

To get new bows after that story quest, you must either scavenge them from looking around the environment or buy it from one of the vendors. Though you’ll have to stick with this bow until some time because vendors don’t seem to have it available even after the mission.

Despite encountering many human enemies that wield a bow, you can’t actually loot it off their corpses once they’re defeated. And you’re going to want a bow because they are some of the most fun weapons to use in the game.

Bows are one of the most dangerous ranged weapons you can get your hands on in Dying Light 2. They are silent, can kill enemies from a distance, and have ammunition that you can craft.

Where to Get A Bow in Dying Light 2

You can get a good bow if you know where to look in Dying Light 2. Here are the best bows you can acquire early in the game:

There is a Sports Bow at the northwest of Downtown you can pick up in Dying Light 2. It’s on the top one of the tall buildings. You’ll have to use your paraglider to be able to reach the top. The bow is near Military Airdrop THB-M3 and is more powerful than the standard bow you’ve been given with a damage of 48. You should go there and pick it up as soon as able.

After you’ve been allowed into the PK Floating Base, you’ll have a chance to buy Paper Clip, a bow with 112 Damage for 3371 Old World Money. One of the best bows in Dying Light 2. You’ll get the chance to buy this bow depending on the stock of the Vendor. Go upstairs and sleep off the day and keep coming back until you see it.

You will get the chance to find a free Paper Clip during the main story mission, The Shoe. It will be located in the bedroom next to a GRE container. However this bow variant of the above mentioned is much weaker at 88 damage.

From my experience with playing with the bow, does some really punishing damage to headshots. It’ll take stamina to keep firing arrows but they do more damage than melee weapons if you have the accuracy for it.

The bow is also better suited to dealing with human enemies. Zombified ones usually come in larger numbers and have a tendency of wanting to come close and personal.

Unlike melee weapons, bows do not break. So you can use them so long as you have arrows. You cannot modify bows since it relies on arrow types for special effects.

Arrows - Where to find More Arrows

Where to Find More Arrows in Dying Light 2

The best places to look for more arrows are in the corpses of dead human enemies who attacks with a bow. Sometimes you might not have enough to craft your next batch of arrows. So your best bet is to look for them on enemies that did carry bows.

There are many type of arrows each with their own effects. Aside from the standard arrows, you have ones that will poison your enemies, set them on fire, or even turn them undead.

To craft arrows, you’ll need 10 scraps and a feather. This gets you about a batch of 10 regular arrows. You can also buy them from vendors but they’ll be pretty expensive that way. You’re better off buying the materials and crafting them yourself.

To switch arrows press the corresponding button to bring up the menu for your weapons equipped. You can cycle through which arrows you want to use while having the bow highlighted.

Arrows already used cannot be picked up again. So no saving ammunition wisely this way. You also cannot upgrade arrows as they’re reliant on the damage of the bow equipped.

All Arrow Blueprints in Dying Light 2

For special arrow types, you need to buy the blueprint off from the Craftsmaster in one of the settlements. As soon as you buy them you’ll unlock the blueprints to craft your own. Arrows such as, Toxic Arrows, require an additional craft part like Cleaning Supplies to make.

The best place to get the materials you need for allow blueprints are from Vendors and Craftmasters inside settlements. Unlike other equipment, arrows cannot be upgraded.

Here are the blueprints for each arrow type.

Regular Arrows Blueprint:

Regular arrows which doesn’t do anything but damage enemies. Incredibly deadly long range.

  • Scraps x10
  • Feathers x1

Fire Arrows Blueprint:

Sets enemies on fire. Fire spreads to those in close proximity.

  • Scraps x10
  • Feathers x1
  • Resin x9

Toxic Arrows Blueprint:

Poisons enemies dealing continuous damage.

  • Scraps x10
  • Feathers x1
  • Cleaning Supplies x1

Infected Arrows Blueprint:

Turns enemies into infected after a short time. Does no effect against infected enemies already.

  • Scraps x10
  • Feathers x1
  • Infected Trophy (Uncommon) x1

Shock Arrows

Electrocutes enemies, damaging them.

  • Scraps x10
  • Feathers x1
  • Wiring x9

Exploding Arrows

Arrows cause explosions upon impact with a surface. No blueprint. Can only be scavenged.

  • Scraps x10
  • Feathers x1
  • Alcohol x33

Lacerating Arrows

Can cause bleeding to enemies struck. Bleeding will cause damage over time.

  • Scraps x10
  • Feathers x1
  • Blades x3
Ranger - Dying Light 2 Bow Build

Dying Light 2 Bow Build – The Ranger

You can build your Aiden to be specifically for range damage which compliments using the bow. Throughout the game, you’ll be collecting several gear that increases a certain playstyle. Go for the ones that state Ranger which will increase range damage, parkour stamina, and others.

The best gears are usually sold by vendors. Though you’ll find some really noteworthy ones by completing missions and scavenging the chests around The City.

Ranger gears are noteworthy for reducing stamina cost when parkouring. This makes it great for reaching hard to get to places to take advantage of the range distance between you and enemies.

Early in the game, you really won’t have a choice but to go for a melee build which is either the Tank or Brawler class. The Ranger doesn’t really become viable until the Let’s Waltz! mission. And even then you still need to put some work in to make this playstyle as deadly as possible.

You can invest in multiple skills that will compliment this build. These skills Aiden can learn that will center around the bow:

  • Precise Aiming – increase your aim with all Ranged weapons (requires Vault Kick, 160 Health).
  • Power Shot – adds Piercing and bonus damage to all Ranged weapon shots. (requires Precise Aiming, 200 Health).
  • Parkour Shot – Gain the ability to use ranged weapons while parkouring (requires Precise Aiming, 220 Health).
  • Serial Shot – allows you to fire up to 3 projectiles at the same time (requires Power Shot, 240 Health).

Out of all the bow skills you can learn, Precise Aiming is the most useful. It’s the core skills using the bow. But it can kill enemies with one good headshot from a far distance. I recommend going for Power Shot next to compliment it. Parkour Shot is fun, but it can be difficult to aim while moving even in slow motion.

If you’re looking for the Inhibitors to improve your health in order to gain access to these skills, then our Dying Light 2 GRE Container Locations will show you where you can get them.

How to Get the Crossbow in Dying Light 2

You can get the only crossbow in the game by giving facilities to the Peacekeepers until you reach tier 4. The crossbow is one of their faction rewards if you continuously give them control of facilities during City Alignment.

Take note that the only way to get the crossbow in Dying Light 2 is by reaching tier 4 alignment with the Peacekeepers. If you give out too many facilities to the Survivors, then the crossbow is gone for good on your playthrough.

The crossbow in incredibly powerful as it is an automatic, silent, and deadly weapon. Like bows, crossbows never decay. And they can be used so long as you have the special ammunition type, bolts, in your inventory.

You can craft bolts so long as you have the required materials. You’ll automatically get all the elemental bolts for the crossbow so long as you have reached tier 4 alignment with the Peacekeepers.

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