Elden Ring – Best Keepsake and All Starting Item Guide

Elden Ring Keepsakes

Elden Ring keepsakes are selected throughout the character creation process. In the beginning, they may be able to provide some assistance. The greatest approach to start off strong in Elden Ring is by selecting the best keepsake item.

Players have traditionally been given preset classes to pick from. It also comes with an additional item that can compensate for a class’s shortcomings or provide a boost in another way,and there are nine keepsakes to pick from.

As you begin your adventure into the Lands Between, you’ll have to make a combat-impacting decision regarding the Keepsakes. Even though the decision is yours, we’re here to assist you in making an appropriate choice.

All Elden Ring Keepsakes List

Each Keepsake has a unique benefit, with some lasting throughout your playthrough, while others have a limited number of applications.

The following is a list of the 10 Keepsakes and the advantages they provide:




No keepsake. The past has been well and truly left behind.

Bewitching Branch

Five sacred branches charged with beguiling power. Said to originate from the demigod Miquella.

Boiled Prawn

Five boiled crayfish meats. Boosts physical damage negation.

Cracked Pot

Three strange cracked pots that somehow mend themselves. A container for certain thrown items.

Crimson Amber Medallion

A medallion inlaid with reddish amber. Increases maximum HP.

Fanged Imp Ashes

The ashes of small, diminutive golems. Ashes are said to hold spirits within.

Golden Seed

A golden seed washed ashore from the Lands Between. Said to reinforce Sacred Flasks.

Lands Between Rune

The gold of grace shining in the eyes of the people of the Lands Between. Use to gain many runes.

Shabriri's Woe

The crazed likeness of a noble who crushed out their own two eyes. Attracts enemies' aggression.

Stonesword Key

Two tone keys shaped like swords. Breaks through an Imp's seal, but shatters in the process.

Bewitching Branch Keepsake - Elden Ring

Bewitching Branch

For a brief period of time, Bewitching Branch can change an enemy into an ally. Use Focus Points to charm pierced foes. You can select Bewitching Branch as Keepsake during Character Creation.

  • You can hold up to 10 Bewitching Branch.
  • You can store up to 600 Bewitching Branch.

How to get Bewitching Branch in Elden Ring

  • At Weeping Peninsula, it can be found on a corpse surrounded by bats, which is a rare sight.
  • Can be bought from the Nomadic Merchant in Liurnia of the Lakes. It costs 1,600 Runes.
Boiled Prawn Keepsake - Elden Ring

Boiled Prawn

Five Boiled Prawns will be given to you, which will reduce the amount of damage you suffer from enemy assaults for a short period of time. These are disposable, so use them wisely.

  • You can hold up to 99 Boiled Prawn.
  • You can store up to 600 Boiled Prawn.
  • Boosts physical damage negation for certain durations.
  • Consuming Exalted Flesh will replace the active buff vice-versa.

How to get Boiled Prawn in Elden Ring

  • Can be purchased from Blackguard Big Boggart for item value of 600 Runes.
Cracked pot Keepsake - Elden Ring

Cracked Pot

It is necessary to use Cracked Pots in Item Crafting to create Firebombs. This Keepsake gives you three of them right away, there’s also many more that can be found in the open world.

  • When the pot is hurled, the materials and magics contained inside the Cracked Pot will manifest their effects.
  • When this empty pot is shattered, it seems to be able to repair itself.
  • Cracked pot items require this vessel.

How to get Cracked Pot in Elden Ring

  • Cracked Pots can be found at the cliffside graveyard of Caria Manor.
  • In eastern Liurnia, the city of Jarburg There are three cracked pots hidden around the village. Initially, you’ll find it on a dead body outside the closed door of an unoccupied hut north of the point at which you descend into the settlement. Two pots can be found, one of which is in an outpost to the northeast of the first one. It is located on a huge headstone in the south of the village, near the main road.
  • Caelid and Minor Erdtree: Look for a tree branch extending from the northwest cliffs as you circle the tree. At the very end of this branch, you’ll find the broken pot.
  • There’s a Caria Manor location where you can find one. Turn around and drop a series of platforms on the right after fighting the boss. There are some Living Pots nearby.
  • Among the wolves in Groveside Cave are some dead bodies on which you can find one of them.
  • In Raya Lucaria Academy, just after the Debate Parlor, one can be found nearby some Living Pots.
  • Leyndell, Royal Capital has one located northwest of the Avenue Balcony WP. It may be found on a corpse a few doors down from the WP on a different floor.
  • One can be found on a corpse close to a column in the watery region of the Auriza Side Tomb.
  • Two Cracked Pots can be found in Stormveil Castle in an area with Living Pots between the Secluded Cell and Liftside Chamber after 2nd shortcut.
  • The Nomadic Merchant in south Caelid sells these for 1,500 Runes each.
  • For 600 Runes, the Nomadic Merchant in North Limgrave sells one (1).
  • Merchant Kalé sells three (3) for 300 Runes. He can be located in Limgrave at the Church of Elleh.
  • It can be obtained by exchanging them for items from Twin Maiden Husks at the Roundtable Hold in exchange for “Kale’s Bell” Bearings.
  • It may be purchased for 600 Runes from the Nomadic Merchant, who can be found on the eastern side of Weeping Peninsula, near Castle Morn Rampart.
Crimson Amber Medallion Keepsake - Elden Ring

Crimson Amber Medallion

Equip this Medallion to gain a small boost to your maximum health. At the beginning of the game, there will be two slots available for Medallions in the Equipment menu. Upgrades provide for more capacity.

  • Increases the maximum amount of HP.
  • A medallion with inlaid Crimson amber on the front.
  • The ancient sap of the Erdtree transforms into amber, which was prized as the most precious of jewels during the reign of Godfrey, the first Elden Lord.
  • There is a primal life energy present within the Crimson Amber Medallion.

How to get Crimson Amber Medallion in Elden Ring

  • It is possible to purchase the default variant (+6 percent) of the Crimson Amber Medallion from the Nomadic Merchant on the eastern edge of the Weeping Peninsula for 1500 Runes.
  • Volcano Manor has a +1 variant that increases the chance of winning by 7 percent. Once you’ve arrived at the Prison Town Church site of grace, proceed out and through the small town as if you were making your way through the manor as usual, and then use a Stonesword Key to pass through the fog gate. There is a large moving saw adversary present, but you can easily escape by running up the stairwell to the floor above, where the talisman can be found on a dead body.
  • The +7.5 percent variant of the Crimson Amber Medallion can be found in Leyndell, at the Ash’s administrative center. Drop down the open sewage grate to the beam below, which is located just south of the site of grace.
Fanged Imp Ashes Keepsake - Elden Ring

Fanged Imp Ashes

Ashes are non-player characters you can summon from the item menu to assist you in battle. In the open world, there are many more to be found, but the Fanged Imp Ashes provides you one right from the bat.

  • Consumes a moderate amount of FP: 50
  • There are still ashes in which spirits can be found.
  • This item can be used to summon two fanged imp spirits.
  • To conjure spirits from ashes, you must be in close proximity to a rebirth monument.
  • You will see a monument icon emerge on the left side of the screen when you are close to and able to summon a rebirth monument in the game.
  • These spirits are perfectly adapted to cause havoc, as they move quickly and nimbly like vermin, tossing magic pots in their wake.
  • The two imps appear to enjoy the companionship of one another.
  • In the same way their non-spirit counterparts produce blood, the imps do the same with their melee attacks.

How to get Fanged Imp Ashes in Elden Ring

  • The Isolated Merchant sells it for 2000 Runes. He can be located by continuing the elevated road east, past the seal and multiple wolves, from the Main Academy Gate site of grace.
Golden Seed Keepsake - Elden Ring

Golden Seed

You can utilize more Sacred Flasks with Golden Seeds. If you go with this Keepsake, you’ll get a chance to upgrade them right away.

  • You can hold up to 99 Golden Seed.
  • You can store up to 600 Golden Seed.
  • You can increase your Crimson and Cerulean Flask Uses, but not your Wondrous Phyisick Flask Supply, by using Golden Seed.
  • Increases the amount of times a Sacred Flask can be used.
  • To get the maximum number of Flasks, you’ll need a total of 30 Seeds.
    • A single seed is required to increase the number of flasks to 6.
    • You’ll need two Seeds to increase your total number of Flasks to 8.
    • 3 Seeds are required to increase the number of Flasks you can hold to 10.
    • 4 Seeds are required for each Flask upgrade, bringing the total number to 12.
    • You will need 5 Seeds to increase the number of Flasks you have to 14.
  • The base of an imaginary tree was found to contain a golden seed.
  • Can be used after a period of contemplation at a site of grace.
  • For some reason, these seeds flew from the Erdtree’s branches when the Elden Ring was disintegrated, as though life itself knew that it was time to die.
  • Golden Seeds cannot be crafted.

Due to the halving of the Flask charge in multiplayer, Elden Ring’s maximum of 14 Estus Flasks seems to be deliberate. As a result, resource allocation becomes more simpler whether working with others or engaging in PvP combat.

How to get Golden Seed in Elden Ring

Golden Seeds can be found in the vicinity of stray golden branches of the Erdtree on the following locations:

All Golden Seeds Locations in Elden Ring
  • There is one Golden Seed under an Ulcerated Tree Spirit located right north of the Avenue Balcony site in Leyndell Royal Capital. From the site, take a left and descend a few steps before entering a door.
  • An Ulcerated Tree Spirit dropped one Golden Seed south of the Outer Wall Phantom Tree site on the Altus Plateau, near the Outer Wall Phantom Tree site. It emerges from the ground at a military camp that is not clearly recognized.
  • One Golden Seed can be discovered at Erdtree-Gazing Hill (north of Lux Ruins) in the Altus Plateau, near the Phantom Tree.
  • As you exit the small channel leading north of the Seethewater River, you’ll come upon one Golden Seed in Mt. Gelmir, beneath a Phantom Tree.
  • In the western Altus Plateau, one Golden Seed can be located just close to the road.
  • One Golden Seed may be found beneath the Phantom Tree at Leyndell Royal Capital, which is guarded by a gargoyle and is located southeast of the West Capital Rampart.
  • Two Golden Seeds can be discovered beneath the Phantom Tree on the northeastern outside wall of Leyndell.
  • Two Golden Seeds can be discovered beneath the Phantom Tree near the Leyndell western outer wall, which separates the Altus Plateau from the rest of the world.
  • If you follow the road to Redmane Castle south of where it forks near the Nomadic Merchant, you will come across one Golden Seed.
  • On the way to the Bestial Sanctum, one Golden Seed can be located in the city of Caelid.
  • One Golden Seed may be discovered in Sellia, Town of Sorcery, under a Phantom Tree in the northern section of town, under a fig tree in the southern section of town.
  • Following the Dragon Temple Rooftop Grace, at the upper ruins area, east of the dragon, behind a Phantom Tree, is one Golden Seed.
  • One Golden Seed can be located under a Phantom Tree near some pillars south of the fountain plaza, underneath a Phantom Tree. After entering the Dragon Temple Lift, you will find yourself on the upper level of the building.
  • One Golden Seed was dropped by the Ulcerated Tree Spirit, who may be found hiding beneath the second lake of rot and past a second set of branches within the inner walls.
  • One Golden Seed can be discovered close to the Grand Cloister grace site. Follow the blood river all the way down and backward; as you get close to the rotten waterfall, a big monster will appear, which you must kill in order to obtain the seed.
  • One Golden Seed can be dropped by the Lesser Ulcerated Tree Spirit.
  • Near the West Capital Rampart site, a Golden seed can be found under a phantom tree that glows in the dark, guarded by a Valiant Gargoyle and an Oracle Envoy.
  • If you defeat Kenneth Haight, he will drop one Golden Seed for you.
  • If you pass through Stromveil Castle and head straight to Roundtable Hold, you’ll find one Golden Seed in Stormhill Shack, where Roderika was seated. You can receive this Golden Seed by giving her Chrystalids’ Memento.
  • In the Fringefolk Hero’s Grave, one Golden Seed can be found after killing the Ulcerated Tree Spirit.
  • One Golden Seed can be discovered on the Weeping Peninsula, south of the Callu Baptismal Church, on the other side of the great wall on the other side of the giant wall.
  • Stormhill has one Golden Seed, and it can be located on the path leading from Stormgate to the Stormhill Shack.
  • One Golden Seed may be located in Mistwood, directly across the street from the entrance to Fort Haight.
  • In Academy Gate Town, near a shining tree, you’ll find one Golden Seed.
  • One Golden Seed can be located on the ground, next to the glowing sapling, if you look closely, west of the courtyard of the Raya Lucaria Academy.
  • One Golden Seed may be located under a Phantom Tree on the upper level of Caria Manor.
  • In the vicinity of the Forbidden Lands Grace and the Grand Lift of Rold Grace, one Golden Seed can be located beneath a Phantom Tree beside the main path.
  • Located in the valley northeast of the Minor Erdtree, under a Phantom Tree, is one Golden Seed.
  • One Golden Seed may be found in the Giant’s Mountaintop Catacombs, where the Ulcerated Tree Sprit boss drops it.
  • One Golden Seed can be discovered behind a Phantom Tree southwest of Ordina, the Liturgical Town.
  • Another Golden Seed can be found at the summit of Flame Peak, in front of a big ice giant.
  • Accessible after killing Fullgrown Fallingstar Beast, one Golden Seed can be discovered behind a Phantom Tree west of the Ninth Mt. Gelmir Campsite, towards the base of the mountain.
  • One Golden Seed can be found on the map’s northern-western border. Following the acquisition of the Moon of Nokstella in the temple, there is a side exit on the south side that is easy to overlook. Follow the walk down to the elevator, which is at the bottom of the stairs.
  • One Golden Seed is in the Siofra River. The site of Worshipper’s Woods is located to the north and somewhat west of it.
  • If you fight a Lesser Ulcerated Tree Spirit in a hidden underground region, you will be able to get one Golden Seed. This place can be entered by a hidden path above the door of the room with some Living Jar opponents, or by making a damaging drop outside the Liftside Chamber Site of Grace.
  • One Golden Seed may be located in the castle grounds of Stormveil Castle, near the room where you first meet Nepheli, near the entrance to the castle. A small glowing branch tree will lead you to it, which will be on the ground. The Secluded Cell would be the most convenient place to find it nearest the site of grace.
Lands Between Rune Keepsake - Elden Ring

Lands Between Rune

Here’s an example of how Elden Ring can replace inventory-filling things that give you Souls. You can use the Lands Between Rune to get a lot of runes for leveling up at the beginning of the game, which is convenient.

  • Lands Between Rune can be used to gain many runes.
  • You can hold up to 99 Lands Between Rune.
  • You can store up to 600 Lands Between Rune.

How to get Lands Between Rune in Elden Ring

Lands Between Rune can only be chosen as your starting keepsake during the character creation process and cannot be bought or found elsewhere. It is said that grace is claimed to have previously resided in the eyes of the residents of the Lands Between and the lingering remnant of gold is still visible in their eyes. Grace does not exist in the eyes of the Tarnished, and if it ever did, it has been extinguished.

Shabriris Woe Keepsake - Elden Ring

Shabriri’s Woe

While the item is active, enemies will always aim their attacks at you. Nearby foes will be drawn to and enraged by the use of Shabriri’s Woe, a consumable item.

  • This item constantly attracts enemies’ aggression.
  • Shabriri’s Woe only works in co-op mode and cannot be used to divert enemy attention away from your spirit ashes.

How to get Shabriri’s Woe in Elden Ring

  • In Frenzied Flame Village, the Shabriri’s Woe can be found on the body of a man who is perched on the stairs of a building facing south. On the map, the building is the furthest north-westernmost structure within the village walls.
Stonesword Key Keepsake - Elden Ring

Stonesword Key

To unlock new regions on the map and rooms in the Roundtable Hold, Stonesword Keys are one-time-use keys. But powerful weapons and gear can be found in all of these regions, which are all optional. It gives you two at the beginning of the game, allowing you to open up a new territory. In the open world, you may come across a Stonesword Key here and there.

  • A stone key in the shape of a sword.
  • This item breaks the seal on imp statues, but the item remains imbedded in the statue once it has been used, meaning it can only be used once as an item.
  • Before you use one, take some time to consider your options.
  • You can hold up to 99 Stonesword Key.
  • You can store up to 600 Stonesword Key.

How to get Stonesword Key in Elden Ring

Stonesword Keys are hidden behind bothersome imp statues that must be bribed with one of these keys in order to be released. It is possible to find the imps statues practically anywhere in the game, starting shortly after the tutorial and continuing throughout the open world, in dungeons, and even in significant locales such as Stormveil Castle.

All Stonesword Key Locations in Elden Ring
  • Three Stonesword Keys are available for purchase from the Nomadic Merchant, who can be found near the ruins of the Forest-Spanning Greatbridge. Each key costs 4000 runes.
  • A corpse guarded by Jade Goblins on the yellow rooftops to the southwest of East Capital Rampart is holding a Stonesword Key, which may be found on the yellow rooftops to the southwest of East Capital Rampart.
  • A lava pool can be found northwest of the Temple of Eiglay. It is possible to find another Stonesword Key by rolling across it and slipping under the bridge toward the southwest, where it can be located by jumping through an open window toward the east.
  • A Stonesword Key may be discovered near the dead end path of the ruined bridge, northwest of the Bridge of Iniquity, which leads to the Bridge of Iniquity itself.
  • Another Stonesword Key may be found on the cliffside northwest of Seethewater Terminus, concealed behind a tree on the cliffside.
  • One of the Stonesword Keys is located on the ground in an enemy encampment south of Altus Highway Junction, and it is guarded by a swarm of winged enemies.
  • One Stonesword Key can be purchased for 5000 runes from the Nomadic Merchant on Mount Gelmir.
  • Sage’s Cave contains a treasure chest containing this item. When you’ve reached a room with skeletons of an archer and an axe, knock the back left wall to expose the chest containing this Stonesword Key.
  • This Stonesword Key can be found on the western wall of the Frenzied Flame Village, near the entrance.
  • This Stonesword Key may be found on a rocky outcropping that protrudes from the southeastern side of The Shaded Castle’s eastern wall. Jumping off the castle wall north of the rocks and platforming across to its location will get you there.
  • When you reach the second tunnel in Gelmir Hero’s Grave, which is guarded by a hostile chariot, climb the slope to the top of the hill, where you’ll find this Stonesword Key.
  • One Stonesword Key can be purchased for 4000 runes from the Nomadic Merchant, who can be found down the road east of Caelid Highway South.
  • Sellia, Town of Sorcery is guarded by a corpse perched atop the archway that leads into the town. It is this corpse that carries the Stonesword Key.
  • One Stonesword Key can be found on the body of a prisoner in Gaol Cave.
  • Another Stonesword Key can be found on a corpse that is perched on a ledge outside the Divine Tower of Caelid, guarding the entrance.
  • One Stonesword Key can be found on top of a gigantic rock, which has bodies and chairs atop of it.
  • Last Stonesword Key can be found Grace’s Deep Siofra Well Site is located south of the cliff, near the edge of the cliff.
  • Crumbling Farum Azula is like a labyrinth but finding the Stonesword key starts within the Dragon Temple. You can find a Golden Rune at the edge of the ruins when you exit the structure. The Smithing Stone can be found on the other side of the street. Continue your journey within the temple by making your way down the stairwell. When you come to the hallway, turn right, and then head left to another corridor before taking the steps down. After following this trail, you will locate a Stonesword Key on the edge of a cliff.
  • To get the Stonesword Key in Deeproot Depths, you must leap on the spiritspring behind the Crucible Knight Sirulia, who is located at the extreme northwest of the structure.
  • Another Stonesword Key can be found west of the location of The Nameless Eternal City in Deeproot Depths, on top of a tower with an air vent, atop a corpse.
  • A Stonesword Key may be found northeast of the First Floor Site of Grace, just outside the Fortified Manor walls. A corpse’s key can be found on an elevated wooden structure if you climb the dragon’s foot on the northwest side of the house. The sewers beneath Leyndell’s Royal Capital contain one Stonesword Key. At some point throughout your journey, you’ll encounter a slug-infested tunnel to the northeast of the Underground Roadside and descend into it.
  • You can access a Stonesword Key by traveling down the elevator west of Erdtree Sanctuary and leaping over the railing to your left on the Dome of Leyndell, Royal Capital’s huge golden spear.
  • The Stonesword Key is located in an alcove between the two side-by-side enemy chariots in Auriza Hero’s Grave.
  • A Stonesword Key is located near the apex of the Sealed Tunnel’s third and final secret sector.
  • Five lightning pot-throwing peasants live in a building’s side room, where a chest contains a Stonesword Key. Avenue Balcony Site of Grace is located to the east of this location.
  • Another Stonesword Key can be found between two skeletons and a zombie, found on top of a grave at the Avenue Balcony Site of Grace.
  • A Stonesword Key is in the vicinity of the Lower Capital Church of Grace, on top of a gazebo to the south and two levels up from the church site.
  • One Stonesword Key can be found on a human corpse found near the West Capital Rampart Site of Grace. Use a petrified dragon foot, leap from a barn onto a wooden second-story building to get there.
  • Another Stonesword Key is found on a small platform in the middle of the gigantic chariots, which you can find in the Auriza Hero’s Grave. There are three enemies in the immediate area, one of them can be spotted in front of a cemetery. On the lower platform, there’s a chest with the key, open the door to get to it.
  • A modest cabin can be discovered past the Fortified Manor and west of the Lower Capital Church Site of Grace. To get to Stonesword Key, you’ll have to leap all over the place. That shack has a Smithing Stone on it as well.
  • The last Stonesword Key is in the Aqueducts part of the Subterranean Shunning Grounds. To access the aqueducts, walk northeast from the Underground Roadside site of grace and descend through a hole in the ground. Look to your right as you pass the rats and continue northwest until you find a tunnel on your left. When you notice slimes, drop into the hole in front of the slimes and go on. Grab the key from a dead body by following the path to its conclusion.
  • You can purchase a Stonesword Key from Patches, the Nomadic Merchant, at Murkwater Cave once he sets up his shop. If after searching Murkwater Cave and not finding Patch, you need to head to Limgrave’s northeastern wetlands to find him. He can alternatively be found n ear Laskyar Ruins, there is a little island just west of the telescope icon, northwest of Laskyar Ruins. One Stonesword Key costs 5000 runes.
  • The Nomadic Merchant at the Castle Morne Rampart Site of Grace is selling a Stonesword Key for 2000 runes.
  • In the Isolated Merchant’s Shack, the Isolated Merchant sells three Stonesword Keys for 2,000 Runes apiece.
  • A Stonesword Key can be found at Dragon-Burnt Ruins, near the main arc, in a room with a huge Rat, held hostage by a corpse.
  • Located close to the Site of Grace in Stormhill Shack, a lootable corpse may be found just behind the ballista on the well-guarded Bridge of Sacrifice. The Stonesword Key is kept inside.
  • Another Stonesword Key is located near an open window just above an Imp Statue fog door that grants entrance to an Iron Whetblade can be located in the same hidden basement level as the Stormveil Castle, which can be accessed from a rooftop area near a bomb eagle.
  • A seated corpse can be found on the cliff east of the Bridge of Sacrifice’s southern end. This Stonesword Key can be yours for the taking if you can get your hands on it. One of the enemy’s chariot’s corners is overlooked by the grave of the Fringefolk Hero. To reach it, you must first descend the corner of the small bridge, then descend even farther into the room containing the Erdtree’s Favor talisman, and lastly mount an elevator.
  • One Stonesword Key may be discovered on a platform above a mess hall with a mini-boss named Grafted Scion.
  • Lastly, a Stonesword Key is inside a building with a shattered roof, accessible from the Rampart Tower, the key can be located on a corpse lying inside.
  • A merchant on an overgrown bridge southeast of Raya Lucaria’s main academy gate is selling three Stonesword Keys for 3000 runes each.
  • The Stonesword Key may be found in a treasure chest in a tower northwest of Academy Gate Town.
  • The Stonesword Key is held by a trapped corpse in the Academy Crystal Cave, a dungeon barred behind a stone imp.
  • In Raya Lucaria Academy, a Stonesword Key is hidden behind an artificial bookshelf. Bookshelves on the north side of this room disappear when attacked after ascending both sets of stairs past this classroom. Behind the altar, a corpse holds the key to the secret area.
  • A big fountain may be found in the courtyard of Raya Lucaria Academy. The upper level of this fountain has a body leaning over the edge, so leap up and loot it for a Stonesword Key.
  • A seated corpse holds a Stonesword Key beneath the northern edge of the Raya Lucaria Academy.
  • A Stonesword Key is being held by a dead body seated on the bridge just outside the Academy.
  • Another Stonesword Key is located atop the outside walls of Frenzied Flame Village.
  • Lastly, a Giant Crab stands guarding over Caria Manor’s ramparts, a Stonesword Key can be found on top of it.
  • 3 Stonesword Keys may be purchased from the Nomadic Merchant, who is found in the eastern Mountains of the Giants, for 5000 Runes each.
  • West of Inner Consecrated Snowfield, you’ll come across an unmoving corpse holding a Stonesword Key.
  • Tower packed with rats in northwest Yelough Anix Ruins, north of Yelough Anix Tunnel, holds the Stonesword Key.
  • To the southwest of Whiteridge Road, directly in front of the Guardians’ Garrison, you’ll find this Stonesword Key next to a massive fire guard.
  • Two Stonesword Keys can be found on the canopy of Miquella’s Haligtree. As you enter the haligtree area, you’ll see one directly behind you. One can be found higher up in the trees, near a Giant Poison Flower on a branch.
  • Another Stonesword Key can be found on the rooftop of Castle Sol where you can loot it on a corpse.
  • Loot a Stonesword Key on a corpse in a chair on the West Mountaintops of the Giants.
  • Lastly, loot a Stonesword Key on a corpse that guards the castle’s gate as the garrison of the Guardians.
  • The Nomadic Merchant on Mt. Gelmir sells a Stonesword Key for 5,000 runes.
  • The Stonesword Key may be found at the top of a steep slope in Gelmir Hero’s Grave, which is guarded by a hostile chariot.
  • A Stonesword Key may be found on a dead body among the cliffs north of Fort Laiedd in Mt. Gelmir.
  • Another Stonesword Key may be found on the staircase of Volcano Manor, where a corpse is resting.
  • One Stonesword Key can be found at the window of Rya’s chamber in Volcano Manor.
  • Located in Sage’s Cave, behind a fictitious wall, a Stonesword Key may be found in the same room as the Axe Skeleton.
  • Another Stonesword Key may be found on a corpse near Corpse-Stench Shack on a broken bridge.
  • The Twin Maiden Husks shopkeeper in the Roudtable Hold is selling three Stonesword Keys for 4000 runes each.
    • You can exchange for a Stonesword Key if you give them the Patches Bell Bearing, for 5,000 runes.
    • You can buy 4 Stonesword Key for 2,000 runes each after handing them four Abandoned Merchant’s or four Nomadic Merchant Bell Bearings.
  • The Abandoned Merchant in the ruins north of Siofra River Bank sells three Stonesword Keys for a total of 2000 runes each.
  • The Imprisoned Merchant sells five Stonesword Keys for 5000 runes each in a dark pocket of the Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum.
  • Climbing across a ruined building next to the Hallowed Grounds will lead you to a Stonesword Key. At the edge of the cliff closest to the ruin, you’ll find a burst of wind that will lift you to the top.
  • A destroyed wall’s support beams and pillars can lead to another Stonesword Key.
  • To the north of Worshipper’s Woods, atop sloping archway platforms that can be platformed over, lies a corpse holding the Stonesword Key.
  • Behind some praying bodies, a corpse has a Stonesword Key by the cliffs east of the mausoleum at the Mohgwyn Palace.
  • A Stonesword Key can be found on a deer carcass on a corpse by a ledge overlooking the ruins of Nokron’s temple. Lower than the cliff that contains the ghost jellyfish, this ledge is accessible only by water.
  • Nokron, Eternal City’s Stonesword Key may be found perched precariously on a ledge southwest of the Aqueduct-Facing Cliffs.
  • A total of three Stonesword Keys can be purchased from the Isolated Merchant for 2,000 runes apiece. The Isolated Merchant can be found in his cabin near the far west end of the Weeping Peninsula.
  • The Nomadic Merchant at the eastern end of Weeping Peninsula sells a Stonesword Key for 2,000 runes.
  • To get to the “Behind the Castle” Site of Grace, go along the west side of Castle Morne and look to your left to see a wooden platform. This platform has a body hanging from it, and the Stonesword Keys is there.
  • Another Stonesword Key can be looted on a corpse seated on a chair in the north east of the Weeping Peninsula.
  • The Bridge of Sacrifice is where you may find the last Stonesword Key, at the southern end of the bridge, near to a wooden barricade, where there is a piece of debris.

Best Keepsake or Starting Item in Elden Ring

That said, the best keepsakes we can suggest are the following:

  • Golden Seed
  • Stonesword Key
  • Crimson Amber Medallion

Golden Seed

It’s hard to go wrong with the Golden Seed as a Keepsake. Picking it means that you’ll be able to immediately upgrade your Sacred Flask at the first Site of Grace, allowing you to refill your HP or FP (Focus Points) more and survive longer. You’ll also receive a head start on future improvements for the Sacred Flask, since you’ll always need one less Golden Seed compared to where you are in the same because you chose it as a Keepsake.

Stonesword Key

The Stonesword Key is the only remaining item of mentioning. This is an item that can be used to open various locks in the game, and they are extremely rare. However, unlike the Golden Seed, having one directly doesn’t give you much of a leg up in the competition.

Crimson Amber Medallion

There are many more granular possibilities beyond those two. Astrologers and other spellcasters can benefit from the Crimson Amber Medallion. For squishy classes, the Crimson Amber Medallion provides an immediate boost to health in Elden Ring’s early game, which is a great way to extend your life span.

Our Elden Ring review is now available, and the game is amazing. Anyone who purchases the PS4 or Xbox One version will also be eligible for a free next-generation upgrade, which is always a welcomed idea! If you are planning to pick up the game, make sure to check out our guides and other articles about Elden Ring.

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