ELEX II Fast Travel – How to Unlock?

Elex 2 fast Travel

In ELEX II fast travel mechanics can give players and advantage in traversing the game’s vast open world. However, fast travel is a feature that must be unlocked by players.

ELEX II has a jetpack from the get-go, but it’s only effective for scaling cliffs at first. Fast travel is an option if you don’t feel like taking the scenic route and just want to get somewhere.

So, if you’re interested in finding out how to fast travel, this article is for you. Here’s how to get around ELEX II quickly.

How to Unlock Fast Travel in ELEX II?

To unlock fast travel in ELEX II, you need to find special teleporting platforms. In the game, you’ll come across these strange white pads that don’t seem to fit in with the game’s more fantasy-themed sections. The ability to use these pads in the map is activated simply by stepping on them.

special teleporting platforms - ELEX II

ELEX II – How to Fast Travel ?

In order to use ELEX II’s fast travel feature, you’ll first need to find special teleportation platforms. In combat, you cannot teleport away, but you can do so at any other time.

Using ELEX II fast travel is a treat because it can be done from practically any location. It is common to find these teleportation platforms scattered across the game environment, usually near a large crowd, and all these platforms appear to be the same.

While exploring, you’ll come across these strange white pads that just don’t fit in with the fantasy-themed aspects of the game;

These pads can be used on the map by just stepping onto them. There is one in every large city, even if you have to go looking for it. More than 35 teleporters can be found and used in the game, granting you access to a considerably greater area of the world.

There is a sound and message that comes as soon as you enter the platform in ELEX II that tells you how to activate the teleportation system there.

You can teleport to any point on the map once you’ve unlocked it, and it’s completely free to do so.

Using this option, you’ll need to open your map and look for the appropriate icons.. Here’s an illustration of a map:

Fast travel icon - ELEX II

Those triangle icons with the dot in the middle are fast travel points, so you can recognize them. As you can see, the map is crammed with fast travel spots, making it much easier to complete later game objectives.

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