ELEX 2 Photo Mode – Is it Available?

Elex 2 photo mode

Does ELEX 2 have Photo Mode?

Photo modes usually contain a variety of choices that allow players to take some truly stunning images. If video games are works of art, photo modes are the canvas. The finest video game photo modes allow players to share their artistic visions with the world, bringing a new degree of discovery to your favorite games.

Does ELEX 2 Feature Photo Mode?

Photo mode - Elex 2

ELEX 2 does not provide a standard photo mode. In the meanwhile, there is a way to get something a little bit like this. You can turn off the HUD (i.e., everything visible on the screen) on the Gameplay tab. It is possible to take screenshots without an interface or minimap thanks to this. However, you will not be able to change the camera angle due to this.

On March 1, 2022, ELEX 2 was released as a deep, story-heavy, and expansive game. If you’re a fan of the ELEX series or just want to learn more about the new game, check out our review of ELEX 2.

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