Elite Four Interview Answers Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Pokemon Scarlet Violet Elite Four Interview cover

The Elite Four Interview is a kind of screening process that the Elite Four of Paldea facilitates in order to test any aspiring trainers who want to take on the challenge of becoming the Top Champion. This interview is a very strict one and all challengers must get all answers correctly in order to proceed.

In this guide, we will go through all the interview questions and share the answers in order to get to challenge the Elite Four.

Elite Four Interview Questions and Answers

As you arrive in the area, you will be met by Rika, one of the Elite Four, who will be the one that will facilitate your interview.

Refer to the questionnaire below to get all the questions and answers for the interview. Remember, the interview is strict and you cannot make a mistake in answering, or else you will have to start over again.

  1. How did you get here today?
    • You can answer this question depending on how you actually arrived on the site.
  2. Please tell me the name of the school you are enrolled in.
    • Say Naranja Academy if you’re playing Scarlet, or Uva Academy if you’re playing Violet.
  3. So, what brings you to the Pokémon League today?
    • Say “I came to become a Champion
  4. Now, what do you intend to do if and when you become a Champion?
    • Pick whatever answer you like, but take note of it as you’ll need the same answer for later.
  5. Tell me: Which of the eight Gyms gave you the most difficulty?
    • Choose whatever Gym you remember the most to help you with the next question.
  6. And what was the name of the Gym Leader you faced there?
    • Choose the right name of the Gym leader based on the Gym you chose in the previous question. Refer to the cheat sheet below to get the answers for the next two questions
  7. But do you remember which type of Pokémon [Gym Leader] used?
    • Choose the type that the Gym leader you chose specializes in.
  8. What was the category of the Pokémon you chose to be your first partner?
    • Choose the category based on the Pokémon you chose as your starter.
  9. Remind me, what do you intend to do if and when you become a Champion?
    • Don’t falter, choose the same answer that you chose for the fourth question.
  10. Do you like Pokémon?
    • Say yes.

You can take the interview several times in case you don’t get to pass it in your previous attempts, although you can get a special dialogue if you manage to pass it on your first try.

Once you do get through the interview, get ready as you’ll immediately be battling against Rika.

Gym, Leader, and Type Cheat Sheet

  • Cortondo Gym – Katy – Bug
  • Artazon Gym – Brassius – Grass
  • Cascarrafa Gym – Kofu – Water
  • Levincia Gym – Iono – Electric
  • Medali Gym – Larry – Normal
  • Glaseado Gym – Grusha – Ice
  • Montenevera Gym – Ryme – Ghost
  • Alfornada Gym – Tulip – Psychic

Check out this video by PerfectParadox showing the interview process: