Enshrouded: How to Get the Shroud Weaver Staff

A guide on how to get the Shroud Weaver Staff in Enshrouded

Enshrouded Shroud Weaver cover

The Shroud Weaver is a staff in Enshrouded known for once being the most powerful weapon in the game. It was once a level 30 legendary staff, one of the few weapons to have gone past the max level, however it has recently been nerfed in an update. Regardless of the nerf, it is still a very powerful staff for magic users to wield. Read ahead as we share how to find the Shroud Weaver in Enshrouded and talk about its stats.

Enshrouded Shroud Weaver Staff Location

Enshrouded Shroud Weaver Staff Location
Shroud Weaver Location: A golden ornate chest on the southeastern corner of Kindlewastes (mapgenie.io)

The Shroud Weaver Staff can be found inside a golden ornate chest in the southeastern corner of the Embervale map. Reaching the location on foot will require a level 6 Flame Altar, although the location can be reached from the Kindlewastes Ancient Spire using at least an Extraordinary Glider and the Updraft skill.

Gliding from the Kindlewastes Ancient Spire, head towards the southeast, but aim for the rock formation that is just above the shroud as a resting place to recover some stamina. Then, continue down towards the southeasternmost mountain.

Once on the mountain, look down the cliffside that is facing north and find a ledge that is still above the shroud. You will eventually see wooden platforms holding the chest that contains the Shroud Weaver Staff.

The Shroud Weaver Staff is part of The Mysterious Wanderer Appears side quest which is started by finding a particular note. Despite being essentially a quest reward, it is not necessary to start the side quest in order to get the staff, although its quest marker will help find the staff for the first time.

Additionally, the staff can also be farmed with the simple login respawn trick. Place a Flame Altar nearby, making sure that the chest is not within the altar’s boundary, open the chest, then logout and log back in the game. This chest’s content is fixed to have only the staff itself.

Shroud Weaver Staff Stats and Perks

The Shroud Weaver Staff has the following stats:

  • 47 Power
  • +9 Fire Magic Damage
  • +9 Fire Magic Damage
  • Precise: Increase critical hit chance by 5%
  • Vicious: Increases backstab damage by 20%
  • Recharge: Increases health regeneration by 1

Due to its Fire Magic Damage bonuses, it scales well with Fireball spells, especially with the Eternal Fireball spell. A wizard class that has high Intelligence will have great utility with this staff as it can one-hit almost all enemies, and Fireball’s AoE damage makes it a powerful crowd controller.

Best Skills and Abilities for the the Shroud Weaver Staff

Here are my recommendations for skills and abilities that could synergize well with the Shroud Weaver Staff:

  • Arsonist – All fire damage is increased by an additional 10%.
  • Pyromaniac – All fire damage is increased by an additional 20%.
  • Quick Charge – Reduces the time Staffs required to charge – up a spell by 50%.
  • Wizard – When attacking with a magical weapon your critical hit chance is increased by 10%.
  • Chain Hit – On a critical hit with a magical weapon, the attack will automatically hit a second enemy with 15 meters for 5 Shock damage per intelligence.
  • Mass Destruction – A critical attack with a magic weapon will hit all enemies within 20 meters of the target for 2 Shock damage per intelligence.

To take advantage of the high power stat of the Shroud Weaver Staff, it is best to go for skills and bonuses that improve fire damage and critical chance/damage. Consider going for the Archmage Set which provides several staff damage bonuses and plenty of mana bonuses to work with. Also consider having a wand like the Ritual Tempest Wand which could help in tight situations.