Escape from Tarkov Corporate Secrets Quest Complete Guide

A full guide on how to complete the Corporate Secrets quest from the Mechanic.

escape from tarkov corporate secrets

The Corporate Secrets quest in Escape from Tarkov, is an exploration quest that you can accept from the Mechanic where he’ll ask you to snoop inside the offices of the Water Treatment Plant in the new Lighthouse map.

The Mechanic suspects that there’s something going on inside the plant and by getting some details about their operation, he thinks that he can put whatever intel you get to good use.

In this guide, we will show you how to complete the Corporate Secrets quest without breaking a sweat.

Corporate Secrets Quest Requirements

You must be at least level 17 to unlock the Corporate Secrets quest in Escape from Tarkov.

Corporate Secrets Quest Objectives

For the quest objectives, the Mechanic requires you to get two documents, each can be found in two separate buildings near the water treatment plant:

  1. Find pumping station operation report
  2. Find water pump operation data
Mechanic: "Did it ever occur to you that we are living in unique times? As if any secret can easily be revealed, the camera obscura will open up, all you need to do is put in some effort… Let me explain, my friend. You have already poked around corporate territories, laboratories, offices, and all else. Those places have already been looted to the ground. But do you know where there still might be something interesting? In the offices of the wastewater treatment plant. Yes, that facility was also under TerraGroup. What do I want to find? Fact is, I don’t even know myself yet. To begin with, let’s try to find out what exactly TerraGroup was doing there. Contaminated water, chemical dump ten times over normal? Anything can open up. Prepare well – I hear there is unusually high activity in that area. Perhaps someone is guarding the territory against prying eyes."

Where to find the documents for the Corporate Secrets Quest in EFT?

Pumping station operation report location – Corporate Secrets Quest

To find the pumping station operation report, start from the southwestern part of the water treatment plant, head north towards Building #1, which is on the western part of the compound.

Building #1 Map – Find pumping station operation report

Map: where to find pumping station operation report - escape from Tarkov
Credits to Jindouz for the map illustration

Inside the water treatment plant’s compound, there are plenty of Rogues patrolling. So to get to this building safely, try to walk close to the compound’s walls.

If you plan to approach Building #1 from the outskirts of the compound, there is a dirt path that can be followed that will lead directly to the building, but it will leave you fairly open for attacks. The sides of the path are also sprinkled with mines, so better be careful where you’re treading.

Building #1: pumping station operation report - Escape from Tarkov

This will lead to the south entrance of Building #1. Enter the building and stick to the left side. You should see a slightly lit office on the second floor. Climb up the ladder and make your way inside the office. On the shelf to the left is a green file binder where you’ll find the first document, the pumping station operation report.

pumping station operation report - Escape from Tarkov
Pumping station operation report

Water pump operation data location – Corporate Secrets Quest

To find the water pump operation data document, rom Building #1, head northeast where you will find Building #2. Stay outside the water treatment plant compound to limit your encounter with Rogues.

Building #2 Map – Find water pump operation data

Map: where to find water pump operation data - Escape From Tarkov
Credits to Jindouz for the map illustration

You’ll be approaching the building from its western side, which makes it similar to how you entered the first building. Just follow the same steps by staying on the left side, then climbing the ladder to reach the second floor to where the office is at.

Building #2 - Find water pump operation data

Upon entering the office, look to your right and you’ll find a desk with a file organizer containing the second document, the water pump operation data. Once you get this, you can then exit the map by making it to the extraction point to the north.

water pump operation data - Escape from Tarkov
Water pump operation data

How to Claim Rewards for the Corporate Secrets Quest in Escape from Tarkov?

To claim your rewards for the Corporate Secrets Quest, deliver the items back to the Mechanic. The Mechanic will then find out that the plant might have been dealing with a chemical known as “Blue Ice” and give you the quest rewards.

Corporate Secrets Quest Rewards

  • +8,000 EXP
  • Mechanic rep +0.02
  • 40,000 roubles
  • Unlocks the barter for the AK-104 7.62×39 assault rifle (RPKT Mod.1 variant)

Rewards Dialogue

Mechanic: "So there were some documents? Give’em to me. Let’s see… Stationery delivery, office rent – nothing interesting so far… There it is, chemicals. The “BLUE ICE” traces in the water? What is this, some kind of refrigerant? Alright, I’ll deal with this, but for now, take yourself a small gift for your efforts. Thanks again, friend."

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