Exoprimal Missions List

As an Exosuit pilot, you’re sent on Exoprimal missions that can vary in objectives. Depending on whether you’re defending or attacking, you’ll have to adjust your strategy based on the objective. This team-based online action game from Capcom is giving you some fantastic missions where cooperation between each player will be essential.

Read on as we explain what each of the Exoprimal missions means and what you need to do to fulfill the objectives for each one of them.

All Exoprimal Missions

The Exoprimal missions you’ll encounter are varied and have different objectives based on whether you’re asked to attack or defend a target. They can be PvP or PvE, depending on matchmaking settings.

Here are the Exoprimal missions you’ll be working with together:

  • Neo T-Rex
  • Data Key Security
  • Dinosaur Cull
  • Dino Survival
  • Area Defense
  • Escort
  • VTOL Defense
  • Energy Taker
  • 3Omega Charge
  • Vortexer Sabotage

You’re required to always be online in order to play any of the missions in Exoprimal. You’ll also have to work with a squad of other players who will each choose a class and an Exosuit within that class.

Neo T-Rex

Neo T- Rex Exoprimal Missions List

A monstrous, mutated T-Rex is rampaging around. Two teams of five must work together to take it down before the time limit is reached. There are limited respawns in this mission mode.

Ten players working together to take down the Neo T-Rex may seem easy but with the limited respawns this Exoprimal mission can easily turn into a nightmare. You’ll have to be considerate to your teammates and retreat when needed because one death can be costly. That Neo T-Rex won’t be easy to beat either.

Data Key Security

Teams must escort their “Data Key” to a specific location. Data Keys can be destroyed by attacks from the enemy team. If destroyed, Data Keys must be repaired before they can continue to the target location.

The difficulty in Data Key Security is deciding who to send out to attack and to defend the escort target. If you’re matched with randoms, this could turn into a Team Deathmatch with almost nobody focusing on the objective.

Dinosaur Cull

Dinosaur Cull Exoprimal Missions List

A specific target is given which must be eliminated. This target can move between areas which will require pursuit. Other dinosaurs will obstruct the path towards the main target.

The premise of Dinosaur Cull may sound similar to another Capcom game called Monster Hunter. You’ll have to hunt down a target and eliminate it while dealing with other smaller dinosaurs that get in the way.

Dino Survival

Dino Survival Exoprimal Missions List

Two squads of five players race against each other to fulfill objectives given by the Leviathan artificial intelligence. Some objectives will pit teams in direct confrontation against each other. Other objectives will have the two teams working together to defeat major foe. Experience and objectives will be different for each match and are tied towards players’ story progression.

Dino Survival is the story mode equivalent for Exoprimal. This is the game mode you’ll play if you want to know more about the lore surrounding the appearance of dinosaur outbreaks. Dino Survival will let you unlock story sequences as you progress. You’ll have the choice to matchmake between PvP and PvE content before starting this mode. As you complete mission objectives, you’ll earn exp which can be used to upgrade your Exosuit levels.

Area Defense

Area Defense Exoprimal Missions List

Stay in the specified area and protect the device from dinosaurs. The device can be repaired by staying near.

Area Defense has you coordinating with your team to protect a device before it’s destroyed by dinosaurs. This is where melee-focused Exosuits like Murasame and Zephyr will thrive as the horde tends to be packed closed together when attacking the device. You’ll need to frequently have someone fixing the device as you can be overwhelmed by late game hordes.


Escort Exoprimal Missions List

Protect the escort target from dinosaurs until you reach the mission objective. You can repair the escort if they’re damaged too much.

As the escort moves around, your team will have to keep track of the objective. Players in your team have to protect him from damage so the tanks in the squad are best for luring enemies away and taking in damage.

VTOL Defense

VTOL Defense Exoprimal Missions List

Exterminate incoming hostile targets. Failing to defend the asset from dinosaurs will result in repeating the mission.

This mission is similar to Area Defense but the VTOL can’t be repaired. This makes it more challenging so you’ll have to rely on tanks to lure enemies away and take in damage. Exosuits like Murasame will thrive here as their high swing damage up close can put down multiple dinosaurs together.

Energy Taker

Combat the enemy team to get to energy found across the map. Energy can also be stolen from enemy players upon defeating them.

Energy Taker has to be the most PvP mode in Exoprimal. This puts you in the most direct confrontation against an enemy team where you’ll have to fight for energy. While splitting up can seem like the right move to get the most energy out of maps, lone players will be vulnerable to being ambushed. Your best bet is to move in groups and move fast.

Omega Charge

Omega Hammer must be used to destroy target objects and barriers in the way for progression. The Omega Hammer can be charged by defeating dinosaur hordes.

The Omega Hammer is the main focus of this mission where it must be used to destroy obstacles that prevent progression. However the charge is limited and you’ll have to defeat dinosaur hordes to be able to use it after its depleted.

Vortexer Sabotage

Vortexer Sabotage Exoprimal Missions List

Attack the vortexer and destroy it. You can approach the vortexer to shut it down.

Vortexer Sabotage is a reversal on the Area and VTOL Defense missions. This time, you’re on the offensive. Attack the vortexer which will be protected by dinosaurs before going near and shutting it down for good. Be careful as the player who is shutting it down won’t be able to defend themselves in the meantime.