Falcom offers Fans to Have their Artworks Displayed in Kuro No Kiseki 2 Crimson Sin

Be Part of the World of Kuro No Kiseki in submitting your artworks

Fans Artworks Kuro No Kiseki 2 Crimson Sin Featured Image

Kuro No Kiseki 2 Crimson Sin is now being talked about as one of the most talked-about games in the JRPG community. Not only has it caught the interest of many gamers but artists as well. Knowing this, Nihon Falcom has recently announced a contest for Kiseki fans worldwide.

As stated on this Twitter post from Nihon Falcom, the developers of Kuro No Kiseki 2 Crimson Sin are offering creative artists a chance to share their artworks for three movie posters they will be using for the game. 

Contest Details:

Produce Three Movie Posters Based on the Titles and Genres.

Robin-The Lady Judtice- Genre: Legal Thriller Cast- Judith Ranster 

  • The main character [Robin (Judith Lanster)] is a new female lawyer who burns with a sense of justice.
    She will be in charge of a certain “homeless attempted murder case”.
    The suspect is [Eric], a high school boy. He was charged with assaulting the victim with an iron pipe.
    However, Eric insists on false charges. He complains, “When I witnessed the scene of the assault, he was fainted
    and falsely accused.” He remembered the face of the person who blamed himself for the assault of the homeless.
    The other party is the first discoverer of the incident, the trace son of a large local company [Vergil].
    It was rumored that his father, the president, was rumoring everything, despite his unmanned behavior and causing many problems.
    In this case as well, the president seems to be putting pressure on the local police and the prosecution,
    and for some reason Virgil’s testimony is given preferential treatment during the investigation process.
    In addition, the pressure extends to other parties and Robin’s law firm.
    However, Robin said, “This kind of thing can’t go through! 』And will show the last bad luck during the trial.

My Casa Blanca- Genre-Drama/ LGBT Cast: Nina Fenly 

  • The main character [Helena (Nina Fenry)] is a third-year high school student who attends a venerable high school girl.
    It is her junior first-grader [Sherry] who is the same committee member as her and is bothering her as her book chairman.
    Helena showed a serious and strict attitude like a chairman to Sherry’s naughty boy who was still young.
    At one point, Helena finds an exchange diary in the library and writes a reply to the owner who “seeks for an exchange partner”, hiding her identity.
    Helena begins to communicate with an invisible partner and deepens her relationship as a “gentle and caring senior student” that is different from usual.
    Eventually, through her personal topic, she began to feel that Helena was “Isn’t she the correspondent?”
    After a while-Sherry begins to look depressed day by day. I didn’t feel that in her diary, but Helena, who was worried about her, called out to her.
    Sherry then hesitated a little and confessed that he had fallen in love with the person in the exchange diary.
    Helena, who had a bitter experience in a love affair with the same sex in the past, is more confused than happy.
    “She doesn’t want her to suffer the same wounds–“
    Helena, as her senior, tells her Sherry to break her love …

FIRE SHARK- Genre-Monster/Horror

  • The stage is a peaceful forest that is famous as a campsite. However, in recent weeks, there have been a series of mysterious accidents in the forest.
    The number of victims continues to increase due to local wildfires. All of the burnt bodies showed traces of being attacked by beasts.
    Upon receiving the news of this strange incident, the hero’s resident police officer [Brick] appeals for postponement of the mountain opening and further investigation. However, the mayor, who puts tourism income first, discontinues the investigation and decides to open the mountain. Brick relies on his old friend, the zoologist [Lisa], to continue his investigation. Eventually, he discovers that the cause of the series of incidents is the “flame demon beast” that is also found in local folklore. But … it was too late, and the demon beast “Fire Shark” appeared in the place where it started to be crowded with many camping guests!

Winners will receive the following:

1. Chosen winners will have their artworks displayed as free DLC in the game

2. Winners name will be displayed in the credit scene of Kuro No Kiseki II Crimson Sin

3. Actual B2 Size poster of winner’s Artwork with a free copy of Kuro No Kiseki II Crimson Game for the Playstation 4 and Playstation 5

Important Rules:

  1. Needs to Be Original
  2. Title of the Movies in Poster must be English. Please Don’t Use Japanese Text.
  3. Those who are hired will be required to submit a high-resolution image of their works
  4. There is no limit to the number of entries one can submit
  5. Please refrain from using images from main website to establish your work
  6. Questions about the contest will not be entertained by the judges

Start of Contest: May 19, 2022

End of Entries: July 3, 2022, at 23:59 JST

Kuro No Kiseki 2 is set to be released this coming Fall 2022 for the Playstation 4 and 5. More info will be revealed in the near future as well on their main website.

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