How to Increase Inventory Space and All Upgrade Prices | Pokémon Legends: Arceus

For when you're tired of always running out of inventory slots.


In Pokémon Legends Arceus, you can get more inventory space or extra satchel slots to increase your satchel’s capacity, for a price.

Unlike in the most recent Pokémon games, the satchel or inventory that you use in Pokémon Legends: Arceus is quite limited, similar to how it was back in the older games. This engages the players to once again dabble with inventory management, which can get bothersome at times.

There are storage boxes can be accessed in all of the camps in the Hisui region and it’s centralized, so you can access the same stashed items through any box, kinda like the Ender chest in Minecraft. But that still might not be enough, especially for players who are packrats and pick up everything they come upon.

Luckily, there’s one more option available.

How to increase Inventory Space in Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Bagin in Galaxy Hall's lobby - How to increase Inventory Space in Pokémon Legends: Arceus

To increase inventory space and get extra satchel slots, look for Bagin in the Galaxy Hall’s lobby. You won’t miss him because in an early part of the game, he’ll call your attention to teach you how to put more items in your satchel.

Complete Mission 6: Adding More Inventory Slots, to obtain the ability to increase inventory space. Bagin’s fee starts at 100 Pokebucks, which then increases quite quickly every time you avail of his services.

All Inventory Expansion Upgrade Prices List

For every time you approach Bagin and you agree to him teaching you on how to increase your inventory capacity, there is a price, which will increase as you purchase more slot expansions. Here’s the breakdown:

1st slot ₽ 100
2nd slot ₽ 200
3rd slot ₽ 300
4th slot ₽ 400
5th slot ₽ 500
6th slot ₽ 1,000
7th slot ₽ 1,500
8th slot ₽ 2,000
9th slot ₽ 2,500
10th slot ₽ 3,000
11th slot ₽ 4,000
12th slot ₽ 5,000
13th slot ₽ 6,000
14th slot ₽ 7,000
15th slot ₽ 8,000
16th slot ₽ 9,000
17th slot ₽ 10,000
18th slot ₽ 12,000
19th slot ₽ 14,000
20th slot ₽ 16,000
21st slot ₽ 18,000
22nd slot ₽ 20,000
23rd slot ₽ 23,000
24th slot ₽ 26,000
25th slot ₽ 30,000
26th slot ₽ 40,000
27th slot ₽ 50,000
28th slot ₽ 60,000
29th slot ₽ 80,000
30th slot ₽ 100,000
31st slot ₽ 150,000
32nd slot ₽ 200,000
33rd slot ₽ 400,000
34th slot ₽ 500,000
35th slot ₽ 600,000
36th slot ₽ 800,000
37th slot ₽ 1,000,000
Total 4,199,500

Maximum Total Number of Inventory Slots and Total Cost

All in all, you can purchase 37 slots to expand your inventory in Pokémon Legends Arceus making your total satchel capacity at 60 slots for a whopping total of ₽4,199,500.

Now whether or not that price tag is worth to farm money for is totally up to you. You can definitely finish the game just by buying around 20 slots, but if you’re the completionist kind of player, catching a lot of Pokémon and selling their loot is one of the best ways to farm.

Best Methods on Farming Pokebucks

Hunt Alphas

Hunting Alphas is one of the most reliable and easy methods that you can do to farm for Pokebucks. They drop Exp Candies and Seeds of Mastery that you can sell for a profit.

Start off by finding an alpha in your chosen region that your Pokémon is strong against. You would also want to train that Pokémon enough so that it can one-hit KO that alpha. With a strong enough Pokémon, the battle would just last around a minute, and then you can rinse and repeat by fast traveling to the village and traveling back to the alpha’s spawn.

Hunt Alphas

This method can net you around 3,000-4,000 Pokebucks per round on average. If you’re not a fan of going back and forth between the field and the village and waiting through loading screens, you would want to consider plotting an alpha run in the region.

Familiarize yourself with a couple of alphas in the region and build a team based on their weaknesses. Then, plot a course based on their spawn spots to make your run efficient. Also consider the time of day when you are doing your alpha run as different Pokémon show up during different times. With this method, you’ll be able to maximize your trip to the region by chaining around 6-8 alphas per run.

Craft and Sell Star Pieces

Star Pieces are one of the most lucrative items that you can sell in the game and you can easily craft them with just a few materials. You can buy the recipe from Anvin from the craftworks for 10,000 Pokebucks and it recipe calls for 3 Red Shards, 3 Blue Shards, 3 Green Shards, and 1 bag of Stardust.

Craft and Sell Star Pieces

The bags of stardust can be obtained from breaking ores out in the fields, especially the ones that sparkle. As for the shards, they can all be picked up within a time distortion. Time distortions are random events that happen out in the fields where rare Pokémon can spawn, and shards and other rare items appear on the ground.

Craft and Sell Star Pieces

Each time distortion only lasts for a couple of minutes, but it’s more than enough to pick up all the items from the ground. A time distortion can give around 2-5 shards per color. Once you’ve picked up all the items, you can simply exit the distortion. After doing a couple of time distortions, you can then craft star pieces which sell back for 5,000 Pokebucks a piece.

Though not as reliable as the first method due to its random nature, you can definitely mix the two methods whenever the opportunity arises to get maximum gains.

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