Gotham Knights Multiplayer Co-op Split Screen & Crossplay Details

The accessibility of Gotham Knights co-op multiplayer is a big factor in deciding whether you should get the game. It’s always more fun to play with friends especially since Gotham Knights is designed for it, however you may be asking questions in regards to playing co-op in split screen or with friends in different platforms through crossplay.

Does Gotham Knights Co-op Have Split Screen?

No, Gotham Knights will not have split screen co-op multiplayer. Greg Miller released a statement on Twitter noting that the game was meant to be playable “either solo or as a two-player multiplayer online co-op.”

Split screen is a welcome feature to those who have an extra controller without having another console, TV, and an extra copy of the game to play with a friend. Unfortunately, this feature is almost a relic in modern day gaming with very few multiplayer games actually using it. Couch co-op split screen is unfortunately a dying breed.

This may be due to the technical challenges of having an open world like Gotham Knights render assets twice. Even on the new gen consoles, that can be a challenge for developers to optimize.

Does Gotham Knights Co-op Have Crossplay?

Gotham Knights co-op will not feature crossplay at launch. Developers WB Games have confirmed in their official FAQ that the game will not feature cross-platform play at launch. Players will only be able to play with those who are in the same platform.

This doesn’t mean that WB Games isn’t going to implement cross-play sometime in the future. It just won’t be available at launch this October 21, 2022.

Gotham Knights Co-op Split Screen & Crossplay Details

In terms of accessibility, Gotham Knights doesn’t have as much convenient features that it should have at least on launch. With the absence of cross-play, the people you’ll be able to play with on release day is very limited until WB Games adds it in.

Will Gotham Knights Have PVP?

There is no indication that Gotham Knights will have PVP combat. It seems to be strictly cooperative play from the way WB Games announced it. Players will be able to freely explore Gotham City and fight the criminal underworld but not each other.

Considering there are four different playable characters in Gotham Knights, it may take some serious balancing to implement any sort of PVP. Some of our protagonists may be better than others which makes it challenging to pit them against each other.

Will Gotham Knights Have PVP

Can You Play The Same Character in Gotham Knights?

Yes, you can play the same character in Gotham Knights. This means you’re able to play as whoever you want without restriction even if your coop partner is also playing that character during your multiplayer session. If you ever wanted to see what two wisecracking Nightwings fighting side-by-side, you can.

Despite playing the same character, you’ll be able to have different builds, equip different gear, and have different cosmetics equipped. So even if you have a doppelganger, you’ll never really feel like the same hero.

Does Your Level Scale With Your Coop Partner in Gotham Knights?

Your level will scale with your coop partner to ensure you both have an optimal experience when playing Gotham Knights. Players will be playing on the same level to ensure they’re not underpowered when fighting against some of the higher leveled enemies.

Thanks to level scaling coop will never feel restricted to a gated level. You’ll be able to team up with veteran and new players alike without feeling out of place in combat.

Does Coop Progress Your Gotham Knights Campaign?

Your coop progress will not affect your Gotham Knights campaign. When joining a friend’s sessions, you’re able to play story missions with them but it will not advance yours if you’re behind. This means that once you’re no longer playing with them, you have to repeat those missions to advance the story.

Your earned loot, experience, and gear will still come with you even after dropping out of coop play. So you can still come back stronger to tackle your campaign progression with better gear.

We hope this answered any question you may have about Gotham Knights Co-op Split Screen & Crossplay. For more on Gotham Knights, check out our other content.

Take a look at all the foes you have to take on. Always great to have a friend with you.