Gotham Knights Characters: All Playable Heroes and Special Abilities

Gotham Knights paves way for fresh young heroes to make their name out of Batman's shadow. But who are they and what can they do?

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Gotham Knights characters are all part of the crime fighting Batfamily who have been personally trained by the Dark Knight himself. Each character have their own unique fighting styles, gadgets, and unique abilities. You might be asking yourself which Gotham Knights characters you’re going to mark as your favorite.

We’ve gathered all the information we can find from official sources and game trailers to create this article listing all playable heroes in Gotham Knights and their special abilities.

Gotham Knights has four playable characters. You can choose to patrol the streets of Gotham as Nightwing, Red Hood, Batgirl, or Robin. Each character brings their own unique set of abilities and gadgets. Here are the playable heroes in Gotham Knights:

Nightwing - Gotham Knights Characters


Nightwing is Batman’s first ever sidekick and the most acrobatic of the four playable heroes in Gotham Knights. His combat skills center heavily around his knowledge of gymnastics. Nightwing uses two Escrima sticks in combat and it’s capable of dishing out Cryo attacks that freeze enemies.

  • Real Name: Dick Grayson
  • Weapons: Escrima Sticks
  • Unique Transportation: Flying Trapeze Glider
Batgirl - Gotham Knights Characters


Batgirl was once a fan of the Batman and dawned on her custom made vigilante outfit to fight crime in the night. She uses a custom made police baton to enhance her melee combat. Out of all the four, Batgirl’s combat skills faithfully resemble Batman’s. From the reveal gameplay trailer of Gotham Knights, Batgirl is capable of summoning a legion of bats that do damage to enemies surrounding her.

  • Real Name: Barbara Gordon
  • Weapons: Custom Police Baton
  • Unique Transportation: Cape Glider
  • Special Ability: Summons Bats
Red Hood - Gotham Knights Characters

Red Hood

Red Hood was once dead but revived back thanks to the Lazarus Pit. His return from the dead has given him some seemingly supernatural abilities that he uses to get around Gotham and fight crime. He’s the only one of the four to use firearms (with non-lethal bullets) and can be seen aiming down sights with them in gameplay. Red Hood can strap bombs to enemies and then shoot at it to explode.

  • Real Name: Jason Todd
  • Weapons: Guns
  • Unique Transportation: Lazarus Pit Jump
Robin - Gotham Knights Characters


Robin is the youngest of the four playable Gotham Knights characters but is the most intelligent and with great detective intuition. He uses a high-tech short bo-staff that has a variety of gadgets to take on foes. Robin can use the Justice League satellite to teleport himself in short distances.

  • Real Name: Tim Drake
  • Weapons: Short Bo-staff
  • Unique Transportation: Justice League Satellite
*We'll update this article as we learn more about the Gotham Knights characters you plays as including their special abilities, weapons, and gadgets.

All four playable heroes from Gotham Knights have their own special abilities and even unique animations for takedowns. While they each have their own unique skills you can unlock through character progression, they also share several gadgets between them like the Batcycle and the grappling hook which they all use.

We recently learned more about the Gotham Knights characters abilities thanks to a new gameplay released by WB Games Montréal. Check out our Gotham Knights Nightwing and Red Hood Gameplay Video Released for more details.

Gotham Knights co-op - Gotham Knights Characters
How Does Character Co-Op Work in Gotham Knights?

Co-op play works in Gotham Knights by partnering up with a friend you can play the entirety of Gotham Knights with. You can perform combo take downs, take different approaches, and coordinate to accomplish objectives. Unfortunately, you can only partner up with one other person. Read our Gotham Knights Officially Not Getting 4-Player Co-Op Multiplayer article for more information.

Multiplayer is also fairly limited in Gotham Knights. With crossplay not being planned for launch, you and your friend would have to get the game on the same platform. Our article on Gotham Knights crossplay covers the whole topic.

Additionally, Gotham Knights Officially Confirms Console Exclusivity so it isn’t available on old gen consoles like the PS4 and Xbox One. This is confirmed by the Gotham Knights official FAQ page.

Court of Owls - Gotham Knights Characters
Who Are the Antagonists in Gotham Knights?

The Court of Owls are the main antagonists in Gotham Knights. A secret society as old as Gotham itself. The Batfamily are investigating the criminal underground organization after Batman’s supposed death that takes place at the beginning of Gotham Knights.

There are other numerous gangs that torment the streets Gotham. As one of the four Gotham Knights playable heroes, you can patrol the city and put a stop to their criminal activity.

That’s all about the Gotham Knights characters that you can play is in the game as well as other burning questions you might have. Please continue to come back as we’ll put new additional details that we learn about Gotham Knights.

Gotham Knights is set for release on October 25, 2022 for the PS5, Xbox Series S and X, and PC. If you really like this article, please consider checking out our other Gotham Knights related content.

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