Grounded Grass Floor Guide

Grounded Grass Floor cover

The Grass Floor is the most basic floor type that players can use to build their upper floors, build bridges, build makeshift roofs, or just to have something to be on top on other than dirt or stone. But despite its basicness, there’s a bit of complexity that players can either play around with or get frustrated at when dealing with Grass Floors.

In this guide, we will talk about how to get the Grass Floor, how to make one, and how to work it in a base when building integrity is at play.

How to unlock the Grass Floor in Grounded

The Grass Floor can be unlocked by progressing into the story until you get access to the Oak Lab and unlock the Tech Chip Science Shop. From this shop, you can then purchase the Multi-Story Bases Set for 1,000 RS and it contains the Grass Floor crafting recipe.

How to build the Grass Floor in Grounded

The Grass Floor can be built using x4 Grass Planks per square unit. The floor can be laid down on a flat surface or any valid buildable surfaces and it can be used as overhangs if you wish to extend the floor above ground. The floor can also be used as a makeshift roof.

Grass Floor with Build Integrity

The Build Integrity option, when turned on, will take the building parts’ inherent sturdiness factor to tell whether or not a build will hold. This option is turned off by default whenever a new save file is created, and it can only be turned on within a custom game mode.

For the Grass Floor alone, its sturdiness appears as a 1/10. However, through testing, this may not be accurate as floors that are directly planted on a valid elevated ground can support what seems to be an unlimited amount of connected unsupported floors. In a practical usage, this can be used to create “hanging bridges” so long as one of the ends of the bridge is planted into a valid point within the environment.

This is not the case when it comes to floors that are attached to walls as the sturdiness rating of the wall will then come into play. For example, a Grass Wall can support a Grass Floor and a Half Grass Floor at maximum, which is a total of 1.5 units despite only rated as 1/10.

The weight factor of Grass Floors seem to not affect the build integrity of a structure. A single floor panel can also hold a number of items on top of it and the number is only limited by the collision of the items. This may not be the intended way on how the sturdiness and weight factor applies to floors at the current build of Grounded and it may change in the future.

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