Halo Infinite 20 Best Multiplayer Tips and Tricks

Level up your skills with these Halo tips to make you a better Spartan.

Best tips and tricks - Halo Infininte

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer launched last week, and we have been playing a lot of it. While Halo Infinite feels like a classic Halo game at its core, there are quite a few additions to Infinite that aren’t readily explained. Also, a ton of new weapons to play with.

If you’re a beginner or even a seasoned Halo veteran, check out the following tips and tricks for Halo Infinite, you might find something new.

Gameplay Tips

Don’t be afraid to crouch and hide somewhere. 

Halo players generally rely too much on the radar to scout enemies. Abuse their bad habits and get the jump on them!

Best tips and tricks - Halo Infininte

Practice strafing, jumping, and crouching while shooting. 

Doing a dance of dipping, ducking, and the side-to-side slide will throw off enemy aim and give you a massive advantage in gunfights.

Oddball tip: jump off the map.

 If you’re surrounded by enemies, and you’re sure you will lose the fight, jump off the map. This tactic resets the ball, ensuring the enemy team does not pick up the fumble.

Customize your settings.

Change your controller settings, keyboard and mouse settings! Making the experience more comfortable for yourself will always help you play better. Check out our full guide here.

Equipment Tips

Grappleshot Crosshair - Halo Infininte

Exploit the grappleshot.

The grappleshot has a yellow indicator in the middle of your crosshair that tells you when you are in range to use the grappling hook.

Use your AI to scan the environment.

This will display power weapons, grenades, and powerups. The AI is bound to down on the d-pad or Z on a keyboard and mouse.

Drop shields are weaker than you think.

Drop shields are weak and can be destroyed super easily. Shooting the drop shield base a few times will dismantle the whole thing and expose the enemy spartan for an easy kill.

The Repulser is stronger than you think.

You should pick up repulsers more often. It can repulse grenades, hit vehicles off the sides of cliffs, and boost your jumps, helping you get to advantageous positions. If used at the right moment, it can give a considerable advantage.

Weapon Tips

Grenades are only live after their first bounce.

Grenades are only live after their first bounce on the ground, so always consider this when lobbing a Hail Mary across the map. 

Get that Skewer.

The skewer effectively takes the place of the now-absent spartan laser (RIP). It is particularly deadly against Wasps and Banshees while also being an effective sniper rifle alternative.

Ravager - Halo Infininte

The Ravager: don’t use it. 

Okay, if you’re going to use it, think about the ravager as an area denial tool, like a molotov in CSGO. Any kills you get with it are a happy accident.

Shock weapons are weak but pack a punch.

Shock weapons like the shock rife and disrupter are brand new to Halo Infinite and are weak weapons but do have the power to disable vehicles. Of note: the shock rifle can one-hit kill with a headshot.

Kinetic weapons: weak against shields, strong against health.

Kinetic weapons like the MA40 AR, Commando, and BR75 Battle Rifle are weak against shields, strong against health.

Plasma weapons strong against shields, weak against health.

Plasma weapons like the Pulse carbine and plasma pistol are strong against shields, weak against health.

Forerunner hard light weapons.

Forerunner hard light weapons such as the heatwave and cindershot can bounce off surfaces and do equal damage against shields and health.

Map Tips

Weapon Timer - Halo Infininte

The wall weapon racks have a respawn timer. 

Look at the blue bar above the weapon hologram.

Grab the fusion coils.

Fusion coils are a one-shot kill against enemies and deadly against vehicles.

Mark areas on the map for your team.

The map callout will show on the tag and deliver critical info. Bound to up on d-pad or X on PC.

Best tips and tricks - Halo Infininte

Oddball tip: stay in an elevated position, stay with your teammates.

Always control where the power weapons and powerups spawn. This is one of the most crucial tips for winning games.

We’re confident that these tips will elevate your game and help you dominate the multiplayer battlefield on Zeta Halo. Once you feel confident enough, try out Halo Infinite’s ranked mode and put your skills to the test. Read our guide on Halo Infinite’s multiplayer ranked system.

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