Halo Infinite All Gear and Equipment – Location, Upgrades, and How to Use Them

Every Single One of Master Chief's Gadgets

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If you’re looking for the Halo Infinite all gear and equipment location in the main campaign, then you’ve come to the right place. Master Chief is back and he’s brought some new toys and gadgets with him. The legendary and most iconic Spartan will be able to assess the environment with his threat sensors and grapple the most susceptible of enemies. Here’s every gear and where they’re located in the Halo Infinite campaign.

Halo Infinite All Gear and Equipment Location

Within the Zeta Halo Ring, which is the place where the Halo Infinite campaign will take place, there will be five important gear that Master Chief can find. Each one of them can be obtained by doing the main story missions. Here are the Halo Infinite all gear and equipment location.

  • Grappleshot – Warship Gbraakon (1st Mission)
  • Shield Core – Foundation (2nd Mission)
  • Threat Sensor – The Tower (3rd Mission)
  • Drop Wall – Excavation Site (5th Mission)
  • Thruster – Excavation Site -(5th Mission)

All these gear will function as upgrades which Master Chief can use to make life a little easier. By the 5th main story mission, you should have all the gear already. And now you know where Halo Infinite All Gear and Equipment Location are.

Halo Infinite All Gear and Equipment

What Does Each Gear Do in Halo Infinite?

If you’re familiar with Halo Infinite multiplayer, you may already recognize what each gear does. This time, these gears are brought to the main campaign to assist Master Chief in his journey. Learn all about what each gear does.

Here is a full list of each gear in the game and what they do. By the end of it, you’ll be familiar with how to utilize every one of them when the opportunity presents itself in Halo Infinite.

To use your abilities, you simply have to press “Q” on keyboard and mouse or the LB button on the Xbox Controller. You can change this at anytime through the settings.


Grappleshot Halo Infinite All Gear and Equipment

Ever wanted to travel somewhere fast? The Grappleshot offers traversal verticality by latching unto a surface and then swinging Master Chief around to be able to quickly enter or leave fights as well as get to more advantageous positions.

How to Use Grappleshot

The Grappleshot has certain uses. You can even latch onto an enemy to bring yourself closer to them for a melee or a more effective shotgun blast. You can also use the Grappleshot to latch unto and enter vehicles as well as bring equipment to you.

Grappleshot – All Upgrades

  • Voltaic – Grappleshot stuns enemies for a few seconds (costs 1 Spartan Core)
  • Quickshot – reduces Grappleshot cooldown by 40% (costs 2 Spartan Cores)
  • First Strike – when grappling, can deliver a powerful shockwave blast while holding melee (costs 3 Spartan Cores)
  • Reachfall – adds stun to the shockwave blasts and increases radius (costs 3 Spartan Cores)
Shield Core Halo Infinite All Gear and Equipment
Shield Core

Shield Core

The Shield Core allows you to be a tank on the field. You’ll soak up damage as you cause endless destruction on the enemy. You’ll see hits bounce off of you like they were nothing.

How to Use Shield Core

The Shield Core is best used when facing an overwhelming amount of enemies. It just might save your life as you charge in without having to worry about depleting your shields too fast.

Unlike the other upgrades for Master Chief’s equipment, the Shield Core needs no activation. It offers passive upgrades that automatically make you tougher when facing enemies.

Shield Core – All Upgrades

  • Fortress – increases shields by 15% (costs 1 Spartan Core)
  • Bastille – increases shields further by 15% (costs 2 Spartan Cores)
  • Redoubt – increases shields another 15% (costs 3 Spartan Cores)
  • Citadel – increases shields by a final 15% (costs 3 Spartan Cores)
Threat Sensor Halo Infinite All Gear and Equipment
Threat Sensor

Threat Sensor

Threat awareness is what the Threat Sensor provides in Halo Infinite. You’ll never have an enemy surprise you as you constantly monitor their location. The Threat Sensor will reveal enemy positions and give you the advantage.

How to Use Threat Sensor

The Threat Sensor won’t just detect enemies hiding behind walls, it will also detect invisible enemies. Throw it down to reveal enemies in a certain radius.

This equipment is especially important for a certain boss fight in the game who prefer to be cloaked while trying to approach you with an energy sword.

Threat Sensor – All Upgrades

  • Seeker – increases the radius by 50% (costs 1 Spartan Core)
  • Operative – adds a second charge (costs 2 Spartan Cores)
  • Clairvoyant – reduces Threat Sensor cooldown by 40% (costs 3 Spartan Cores)
  • Omniscience – adds uninterrupted visibility and displays enemy health (costs 3 Spartan Cores)

Drop Wall

Halo Infinite All Gear and Equipment
Drop Wall

With the Drop Wall, Master Chief can hold his ground. He will deploy a shield in front of him that prevents incoming fire from hurting you. Be careful as it will eventually ware down as it continues to take hits leaving openings that enemies can hit you from. You can fire safely from the drop wall.

How to Use Drop Wall

The drop wall can be great for providing cover in an open space. It is also transparent cover so you’ll be able to see other enemies who are engaging you. This isn’t the best equipment but it can save your life so don’t underestimate it.

Drop Wall – All Upgrades

  • Swift Shelter – reduces cooldown by 20% (costs 1 Spartan Core)
  • Rampart – increases shield durability by 15% (costs 2 Spartan Cores)
  • Blockade – increases wall size and shield durability to 70% (costs 3 Spartan Cores)
  • Direct Current – outgoing projectile shots adds shock damage (costs 3 Spartan Cores)
Thruster Halo Infinite All Gear and Equipment


The Thruster is great for dodging enemy attacks. Master Chief will immediately dodge to a certain direction allowing him to avoid enemies closing in as well as rockets heading his direction.

How to Use Thruster

The Thruster can be really handy when dodging opponents trying to get close to you. This will save your life a couple of times when you see an Elite with an energy sword trying to invade your personal space.

Alternatively, you can also use it to close the distance. With a shotgun at hand or an energy sword you can use the Thruster to close in on enemies for quick and easy kills.

Thruster – All Skills and Upgrades

  • Afterburner – adds a second charge (costs 1 Spartan Core)
  • Thermal Control – reduces Thruster cooldown by 20% (costs 2 Spartan Cores)
  • Impulse – adds more power to the Thruster allowing further travels (costs 3 Spartan Cores)
  • Escape Velocity – adds a cloak effect after using Thruster which lasts 4 seconds (costs 3 Spartan Cores)

Are Any Gear Missable in Halo Infinite?

All of the gear in Halo Infinite are a part of the main campaign and are essential. You won’t be able to miss any of them if you tried. So there’s no need to worry about missing any upgrades.

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