Halo Infinite Campaign Length – How Long to Beat and Missions List

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“What is the Halo Infinite campaign length?” You may be asking. The Halo Infinite campaign arrived a little later than its multiplayer counterpart in December 8, 2021. After a glorious experience with the ruffing it out with other players in the online arena, everyone has been looking forward to what the Halo Infinite campaign has to offer. The multiplayer experience offers countless of never ending fun, but what is the Halo Infinite campaign length? Here is how long it takes to beat Halo Infinite and its missions list.

Halo Infinite Campaign Length

Halo Infinite Campaign Length
How long does it take to beat?

With the Halo Infinite campaign being a major departure from its more recent predecessors, players will have a chance to explore an open world where they’ll have no doubt plenty of time to kill. On average, it’ll take players around 10 hours to complete Halo Infinite if they focus on the main story alone. The side missions will no doubt add more hours to the pile.

To compare the Halo Infinite campaign length to its predecessors, the very first Halo campaign was around 10 hours. While its sequel, Halo 2, was slightly less at 9 hours to complete the main campaign.

Despite the open world nature of Halo Infinite, the structure of its gameplay centers around more linear objectives. You can ignore additional collectibles and other side missions but we highly recommend taking your time with the game. There are still an abundance of things to accomplish as a Spartan.

Though it should be noted that the timer doesn’t seem to track any of your failed attempts. The timer only counts progress when you pass a checkpoint. So that 10 hour mark might actually be longer if you count repeated failures.

This means that it’ll take much longer on higher difficulties. The 10 hour mark is only really for the normal difficulty. Playing the Halo Infinite campaign on Legendary difficulty might take you more longer as you’ll have to approach your objectives carefully.

Halo Infinite Missions List

Halo Infinite Missions List
Every mission in Halo Infinite campaign

The Halo Infinite campaign will have you doing a total of 14 missions. These missions will take place in the Zeta Halo which will be semi-open world free for players to explore. Though there are a good number of more linear environments that keep focus. Still, there’s a big part of Halo Infinite that allows for some freedom and breath of air in its campaign.

Here are the 14 main campaign missions.

  1. Banished Warship Gbraakon
  2. Foundations
  3. Outpost Tremonius
  4. The Tower
  5. Excavation Site
  6. Spire
  7. Pelican Down
  8. The Sequence
  9. Nexus
  10. The Command Spire
  11. Repository
  12. The Road
  13. House of Reckoning
  14. Silent Auditorium

The Halo Infinite main campaign doesn’t just focus on these main missions. There will be an abundance of side missions you’ll be free to tackle as you go through the campaign.

You’re able to recruit the assistance of the marines while eliminating high value targets in the Zeta Halo. You’re even able to capture specific outposts to help your side through. On total, there are 70 missions across the whole region that Master Chief can complete.

There are also many collectibles scattered throughout the maps. If you have time, you can scout out areas to be able to look for them.

So don’t worry, you’ll have a lot on your plate to do in Halo Infinite. Check out the trailer! The Halo Infinite campaign will also be available to Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

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