Halo Infinite Campaign WASP Location – Where to Find WASP

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In our Halo Infinite Campaign WASP Location guide, we’ll show you all you need to know about finding the WASP in the main campaign of the game. Stick around to learn all you need to do to get this iconic flying vehicle in the Halo franchise.

Halo Infinite Campaign Where to Find WASP?

In the semi-open world of the Zeta Halo Ring where the main campaign of Halo Infinite takes place in, one of the best ways to travers around and find collectibles such as Forerunner Artifacts is the USNC WASP. This flying vehicle can be used in the main campaign to cut your journey short but you might be surprised to hear that you’re going to have to earn your wings.

You’ll first need to be in the third act of the Halo Infinite main campaign before you can get your hands on any WASP in the game.

WASP Halo Infinite Campaign

In order to acquire the WASP, you can’t just find it lying around normally around the map. Instead you have to earn the WASP by continuously doing main story missions, raiding FOB outposts, and doing side-quests. Any of these activities will gain you Valor which can be used to unlock the FOB rewards.

You’ll unlock the WASP once you by reaching reward 24 on the FOB rewards list. This is an entirely different process from finding a Banshee. Once you’ve reached reward 24 you can simply head over to any FOB vehicle terminal and call a WASP.

And now you can use a WASP to get around the Zeta Halo Ring in the main campaign of Halo Infinite. Thanks for reading our Halo Infinite Campaign WASP Location guide.

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